Whether you’re moving to the city for the first time or you visit often and want new, exciting things to do, finding those attractions can be challenging.

Lucky for you, the entertainment activities in Frisco, Texas, are endless.

Once known for its quaint suburban way of life, Frisco is becoming one of the booming areas around Dallas. The city is about a thirty-minute drive north of Dallas city limits and has a population of 177,020.

Want to know what attractions to check out in Frisco, Texas? We’ve got you covered. 


FC Dallas Soccer Club

Another team that calls Frisco, Texas, home is the Major League Soccer Club, FC Dallas.

Their home games are hosted at Toyota Stadium, which can hold just over 20,000 fans. The venue features a total of 17 fields and hosts high school sports and entertainment events.

The FC Dallas venue has also been used to host corporate events in the past. The stadium is known for containing the National Soccer Hall of Fame. 


Visit The Star

Built-in 2014, The Star is the headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys.

The Star in Frisco is where the football team practices and the front office workers carry out their daily operations. It also provides many shops and dining experiences around the plaza for guests.

Special events like Christmas tree light celebrations and small concerts are held at the plaza.

Tours are also available to purchase for an exclusive look at how and where team members and staff conduct business.

The Star in Frisco is a perfect place for football fanatics to have a field day.


Watch the Frisco RoughRiders

The Frisco RoughRiders are one of the minor league teams affiliated with the Texas Rangers. 

Their home games are hosted at Dr. Pepper Ballpark, which has a maximum capacity of 10,600 guests. When attending a Rough Riders game, you can order your favorite ballpark snack and enjoy America’s pastime with your friends or family.

The stadium also offers tours for up to 10 guests to get an exclusive experience. The park also has a unique feature — a lazy river that you can take advantage of during games.

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Frisco Square

The Frisco Square is where you can experience the true nature of this North Texas suburb.

This area provides a healthy mix of cultural organizations, family businesses, housing, and restaurants. The square also acts as a meeting location for government officials.

The Frisco square is a great place to walk around, shop, eat, and get some fresh air.

The Frisco Square is the setting for many celebrations, festivals, and events. If you wish to get a full experience of Frisco, you can’t miss out on the heart of the city in Frisco Square.


Stonebriar Centre

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and the Stonebriar Centre shopping mall is no exception to the rule.

This shopping center features over 200 stores spread out over six arches. There is a fully operational movie theatre along with various dining options ranging from fast food to fine dining. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Stonebriar Centre has you covered.

The mall also features an ice skating rink as well as Dave & Buster’s and has fun to offer the whole family.


Catch Up on Your History at the Frisco Heritage Museum

If you’re interested in learning about Frisco, Texas’ history, then the Frisco Heritage Museum is the perfect place for you to visit.

At this museum, they offer replicas of historical buildings and portrayals of villages across four acres to provide a unique experience. They also showcase videos and artifacts to explain Frisco’s history further.

When perusing the museum, you’ll also be able to take a look into the lives of the first pioneers to see how Frisco originally started.


Museum of the American Railroad

The Museum of the American Railroad is ideal for anyone crazy about trains or who wants to learn more about American railroads.

The museum provides the whole nation’s history of locomotives — not just Texas.

There are plenty of tours and exhibitions that cater to all ages. A special area called Blackland Prairie was created specifically for children to learn about pioneers.

This museum was founded in 1961 and still carries the same mission: to preserve the history of the railroad and continue educating how they brought us to today’s world.


Geek Out at the Sci-Tech Discovery Center

The Sci-Tech Discovery Center allows guests to fully immerse themselves in their scientific curiosities.

The center offers a wide variety of hands-on exhibits for all age groups.

You’ll learn about biology, physics, engineering, and more.

The Sci-Tech Discovery Center in Frisco offers summer camps, special events, and field trips to provide multiple educational opportunities for youth.


The National Video Game Museum

The National Video Game Museum is for the gamers in the family.

This museum provides the history of video games from the 1950s to the present day. Here, gamers will see video game consoles and design progression over time and see how we got to where we are today.

The museum also makes sure to preserve the consoles so that guests can reference how video games used to look and play.


The Frisco Art Gallery

If you’re looking for a day of free fun and you enjoy art, then the Frisco Art Gallery is the perfect location for you to explore.

The art pieces located in Frisco are open to the public at no cost.

The exhibits are rotated weekly and vary from showcasing local artists to artists based worldwide. Paintings and photography are the typical types of art on display, but occasionally you can see sculptures.


Frisco Is Fun for the Whole Family

The excitement of moving to a new city or exploring the area you call home brings a new light to a city.

Whatever the reason you’re exploring Frisco, be sure to make it a great experience.

By checking out these top 10 things to do in Frisco, Texas, you’ll be well on your way to rich, new experiences. This city has it all for you and your family.