If you’re choosing to move during the coldest months of the year, you’re not alone. Contrary to popular belief, making a successful move in the dead of winter is very possible. However, there are many differences between moving in the winter and moving in the spring or summer, when most people choose to move. There are a couple of key winter-specific factors you have to be aware of in order to make the moving process go smoothly.

To be ahead of the storm, keep these the following ten tips in the back of your mind before starting on your moving journey.

Take Care of Your Movers

Whether it’s your friends and family or professional movers, you want to make sure that your movers are energized and warm throughout the process. Since the days are considerably shorter in the winter, get the day started early in order to preserve as much light as possible.

Throughout your move, keep easy warm food, like soup and hot cocoa, on hand. That’ll give your movers and easy way to stay warm while they’re moving your things.

Also, pick up some extra gloves from your local department store. If your movers’ hands start getting extremely cold, they’ll definitely thank you for the extra barrier of warmth.

Protect Your Belongings

Winter is often wet, rainy, and cold. These conditions cause many different materials to become incredibly vulnerable. This includes wood, porcelain, leather, and metal. Electronics absolutely hate the cold as well. Double pack your fragile materials with extra packing material such as a plastic wrap or heavy wrapping paper. You can also wrap your things in blankets to regulate their temperature.

Also, be sure to keep your fragile belongings in the car with you instead of on the truck. Your belongings may sit in the truck overnight which makes them heavily susceptible to the unrelenting cold weather. If you have to put your things in the truck, put your fragile valuables in the truck last and put them in your new home first. This decreases the time your belongings will be exposed to the cold.

Clear a Passageway

To make sure that your moving experience goes off without a hitch, you want to make sure that your moving company in Fort Worth or Nashville has the easiest time possible getting in and out of your home. Also, if an accident happens on your property it may end up being a liability to you.

Make a clear path from your front door to the truck and shovel, salt, or snowplow all of the snow and ice out of the way. You don’t want any unlikely cold weather to come between you and your humble abode.

Be Flexible With Your Moving Date

Winter is notorious for having unpredictable weather. Even if you’ve had a date stuck in the back of your mind, don’t be afraid to move it around in case of bad weather. You shouldn’t risk your health (and the health of your movers) to stay on schedule. Also, be sure to schedule an extra day as well.

Winter is not the time to feel rushed, especially when there are elements like snow and ice to deal with. Your new home will still be there once the bad winter weather has subsided.

Turn Off the Heat

With your door consistently being open, keeping the central heat on would be like throwing your money out of the door. Instead, try and create a heated room in your home for you and the residential movers to get some relief. Buy a space heater and keep the door closed so that glorious heat can stay right where you need it to. Staying warm is important and it’s a key factor in making sure that you have a successful move.

Double Check Your New Home’s Utilities

Speaking of utilities, it’s a good idea to make sure that the utilities in your new home are turned on before you get there. Dealing with no heat and light in the winter season is something that nobody should have to deal with. It often takes a couple of days for the utilities in your home to start working, so try scheduling it about three days before you’re scheduled to arrive.

Dress in Layers

To stay warm, dress in layers. You may want to keep your winter coat on at all times, but it’ll get real bulky real fast as you’re and moving things in and out. Also, pack a couple days’ worth winter gear in a separate box. You don’t want to accidentally pack these things in the truck and have nothing to protect you from the cold of winter.

Cover Your Floors

With people going in and out of your home with their hefty winter boots, you want to protect your floors and carpets from being damaged. Get some cheap plastic sheeting from your local home improvement stores to put on your floors. This will soak up the moisture and prevent the need for heavy cleaning in the future.

Board Your Pets

This is both for the protection of your pets and the protection of your movers. With the hectic nature and unknown faces that come with moving, your pet might get scared and chaotic. Your pets then get in the way of your movers, which delay the process of moving. Board your pets in the heated room so they can stay safe and warm while you get the move done.

You can also look for a heated floor or run at kennels around you to keep your favorite furry friend warm as well.

Stay Positive

Throughout your move, there may be times where you feel like giving up. Moving in the winter may be difficult but it isn’t impossible. Preparing your home and making every effort to stay warm will give you the best chance at making your move successful. Keep a positive mindset throughout it all and you’ll be in your brand new home before you know it.


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