4 Most Popular Places People Are Moving To in America

The pandemic changed the way we live. Our day-to-day activities look different, we’re at home more than ever, and we’re looking at our location in a new way. 

How do we know? More than 25% of people who moved this year did so to be closer to family, a significant increase from previous years. 

Many Americans moved south and west during the pandemic, which was not a big surprise. Frequent moving and nomadic lifestyles were growing trends even before COVID-19 hit. In 2020 alone, almost 30 million people stated they’d changed residency in the past year.

Let’s explore some of the top places and reasons people are moving during the pandemic.


What’s Causing People To Move?

The increase in moves is an obvious result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It changed our lives in many different aspects — some would say for the better. We had to learn to slow down, treasure moments with our friends and family, and savor nature. With it, our priorities changed as well. 

Working from home became normal, housing and rental costs are at an all-time high, and people want to be closer to family. 

Many people seek safe, open spaces with a lot of outdoor activities and enough land to feel comfortable moving freely without fear of catching the virus. On the other hand, others are very eager to do some renovation around the house after spending so much time inside.

Not all of the reasons are so rosy, however. Many lost their jobs and were forced to move to cheaper cities. New Jersey had the most home sales in 2020, followed by New York, Illinois, Connecticut, and California. Experts believe this is due to high COVID-19 rates in these densely populated areas. 

People want a lower cost of living and more space in their homes since a home is now where we spend most of our time. Our house is not only a place to sleep, eat and hang out — now it is our office, our special event venue, our Friday-night bar, and our favorite jogging park. When we look at the national moving frenzy through that lens, the reasons behind these trends become clearer.


In 2021, Idaho is once again the top-ranked place to move. The state hit that mark in 2019 when it topped United Van Lines’ list for inbound moves, but when you consider everything Idaho offers, it’s not surprising that this hidden gem is no longer so secret. The cost of living is 7.8% lower than the national average, making it especially attractive to people who are looking for the perfect place to retire.

If all of this doesn’t win you over, how about huge swaths of protected wilderness, breathtaking landscapes, and plenty of outdoor adventure opportunities? Those who are looking to get away from a busy city life love Idaho’s natural diversity. 

With mountains covering most of the state’s landscape, Idaho is a real Mecca for hikers and mountain lovers. A must-visit is Mount Borah, the tallest peak in Idaho at 12,662 feet. Standing at the top of the state promises an extraordinary feeling and a breathtaking view.

Among Idaho’s other natural gems are Lake Coeur d’Alene, Shoshone and Mesa Falls, Redfish Lake, Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve, and Hells Canyon — nearly 2,000 feet deeper than the Grand Canyon! 

As if it were not enough, Idaho also makes an excellent place for raising a family. In smaller cities, everyone knows one another. Some Idahoan parents stated that their favorite part is the opportunity to get to know school bus drivers, teachers, and other staff; they know their kids are in good hands. 


Alongside Idaho, Arizona is one of the ten most rapidly expanding states in the U.S. It doesn’t come as a surprise, as Arizona has always been a world-famous destination for tourists and adventurous travelers thanks to its Grand Canyon National Park.

Arizona has many other perks to offer other than extraordinary nature, which makes it a great moving destination for so many.

Phoenix is the largest capital city by population in the U.S., and it’s probably the most outdoorsy big city. It offers sunny weather all year long, sacred landscapes, a growing job market with plenty of opportunities alongside pretty reasonable living costs, rich culture, and plenty of sporting events for fans.

Even though Phoenix is a big city, you won’t feel a chaotic atmosphere due to well-organized transportation with a grid road system.

Scottsdale and Chandler are also excellent choices when it comes to moving to the state of Arizona. Scottsdale will win you over with its fantastic golf courses, spa resorts, and endless fields of cacti.

Living in Arizona will also make your dream destinations easily accessible — such as the Grand Canyon, Glen Canyon, and the famous ghost city of Jerome. You can also go on a day trip adventure to Nevada or California.


If you’re someone who’s laid back and loves savoring small moments in life, Colorado may be just the place for you. Colorado is a moving destination for many young people with plenty of outdoor adventures to choose from, hip urban spots, and an abundance of job opportunities. 

Unlike many tropical moving choices, Colorado has something different to offer as it has four distinct seasons. In spring, you can enjoy the magnificent flower blooms in the mountains, and the autumn season will bring an extraordinary color palette. During the winter, you can go skiing, and summer offers plenty of outdoor water activities.

Culturally rich Denver and the cool Aurora suburb is a great place to start. Check out Boulder if you are a beer- and food-lover with a penchant for outdoor activities. It’s considered a doorway to the surreal scenes of Rocky Mountain National Park. Vail and Breckenridge are great for skiing, with slopes that suit anyone, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced ski fanatic. Campers will love the lakes in the Maroon Bells Scenic Area, and the Garden of the Gods is a must-visit for rock climbers.


Texas is the most family-friendly state on the list. This state gives you the opportunity for a steady job with a good and stable wage, a good schooling system, high safety and low crime rates, affordable cost of living and housing … and all of that with no income tax. It sounds like every parent’s dream location, but it also has many perks for the younger crowd.

The weather in Texas is spring-like for most of the year, with temperatures rising to 98°F only during summer. Thanks to its mild climate, there are plenty of outdoor recreational activities all year long. And for all the foodies, this state feel like heaven with all its fantastic gourmet dishes.

moving to Plano

Texas is rapidly growing in population, with the most popular cities being Frisco, Arlington, and Plano. People are relying on movers in Plano and Frisco both have plenty of job opportunities and good educational systems. 

Frisco’s economy has been flourishing with no signs of stopping, and it’s predicted that the job market in Frisco will rapidly grow in the next four years. 

Moving to Arlington will put you is the city with the cheapest median home price of $204,600

Overall, all three cities offer a high quality of life with plenty of entertainment, outdoor activities, strong job markets, and great schooling opportunities.

Are You Planning a Move?

Choosing a new place to move to is an exciting adventure and sometimes daunting.

There are so many things to think about — will you do a DIY move or hire movers? What’s the most effective way to save money during a move? How do you choose a reputable moving company?

Finding the answers for all of it can be very overwhelming, which is why preparing before the move is essential.

Whatever you need help with, our blog has all the helpful info you need! And if you’re in the beginning stages of thinking about a move, here are tips to help you choose the right neighborhood to move to.


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