Home upgrades can be messy and time-consuming. But the feeling you have when you step out on your new front patio to enjoy the morning sun or enter your freshly remodeled kitchen is priceless. 

Upgrades aren’t just about the enjoyment, though. They also significantly increase the resale value of the house. While remodeling usually won’t pay for itself in full, there are still many projects that you can do with a return on investment of over 70%.

Trying to do the following remodels yourself versus hiring professionals will also change the end cost. It may also impact the quality of the result — which is essential for selling your house.

Once you decide to upgrade, the possibilities for improvement increase so much that it can be overwhelming just to decide which projects are best for your home.

To make it easier for you, here are the seven best things to do in your home to increase its resale value before selecting a moving company in Dallas.



Minor Bathroom Remodel

Minor changes can make huge changes — this rule applies both to bathroom remodeling and remodeling in general. 

On average, most homeowners see a 102% return on investment on bathroom upgrades. 

If you’re thinking of replacing the bathtub — including the surrounding tiles, toilet, and all the fixtures — you’ll probably spend around $10,500. Not only will you get to enjoy your fantastic new bathroom, but your home’s resale value will also increase by $10,700 on average.

If you want something less expensive and radical, you can always put a fresh coat of paint on the walls (even on your tiles!) or swap out fixtures for a cohesive and modern look. Try to think outside of the box — maybe that plant-shelf you’ve been eyeing for some time will fit perfectly into your new bathroom.

Keep things modern and simple, and consult with an agent to see what finishes are currently on-trend. You won’t make a mistake if you opt for neutral colors like beige or light grey, as they appeal to most buyers.


Build a Deck significant home upgrades

Alongside bathroom improvements, building a front patio also has a high recoup rate of 90%. The main reason for adding it other than pure enjoyment (which is reason enough) is to expand your square footage.

It is a good idea, especially if you live in a place where the weather is inviting for most of the year. 

If you’re not willing to spend top dollar, you can always opt for neutral and warm wooden patios. Add appeal with a few planters, a nice armchair, and there you have it — cozy heaven for reading and drinking morning coffee.

If you already have a front deck, consider repainting it to add freshness. 


Landscaping and Exterior Improvements

It can seem too much to invest in landscaping and exterior improvements, but without curb appeal, your home won’t be of interest to potential buyers. Also, you can’t say that you wouldn’t enjoy seeing your front lawn and backyard refreshed and properly outfitted.

A coat of paint is always a solid option — it is a low-cost way to change the exterior look of your home. 

Depending on the size of your home and how much work you want to get done, landscaping can cost around $3,500 if you design it yourself — and approximately $5,000 if you hire a landscape designer to do it for you.

If you don’t want to change the look completely, consider trimming bushes, replacing dead plants and flowers, and maybe looking into a DIY project on using rocks and pebbles for backyard decoration.


Install Hardwood Floors

Replacing carpet, especially with hardwood floors, will be beneficial, especially if your carpet is not in the best condition. 

Many realtors suggest this change because of the selling factor since a new wooden floor can recoup 106% of its investment.


Minor Kitchen Updates

If you love cooking, you know that a kitchen is the home’s main selling point. Similar to a minor bathroom remodel, improving the kitchen with a slight change will take you far. Plus, the kitchen is an excellent place for various DIY projects that you can do to reduce the cost.

If you’re tired of your old and worn-out kitchen cabinets, you don’t have to run to get new ones immediately. Sanding and repainting them will make a massive difference at a much lower cost than replacing them.

If that’s not an option because you need more space, you can also buy old second-hand cabinets to refurbish them and even add or change counter space. Restoring old wooden furniture is quite a trend right now. And the best part? There’s no difference in the appeal or quality between the new kitchen and the restored one.

If you don’t have time to hustle with DIY-ing and want to get everything remodeled by professionals, be prepared to spend around $21,000. Keep in mind that the majority of the cost (if not all of it) will be recouped during resale.

Consider replacing appliances with updated and energy-efficient ones as well. 

best home upgrades to make

Replace the Garage Door

It may sound like an odd upgrade at first, but replacing your garage door helps with your home’s overall look and appeal.

Garage door replacements cost about $3,000–4,000 and have around a 93% cost return when selling. 

If your garage door is still in very good shape but in need of refreshment, you can repaint it for a modern and updated look. Hint: try textured paint to help your home stand out on the block.


Change Out the Windows

Changing your windows has more to do with energy efficiency than aesthetics, but there are few things more appealing than freshly changed or painted windows.

If you don’t already have energy-efficient windows, this is the time to get them, as they can save you a lot on heating and cooling costs. 

Plus, a low energy bill is appealing to potential buyers. An NAHB survey says that buyers from every economic background rated energy-efficient windows as a feature they wouldn’t compromise on.

When it comes to aesthetics, repainting windows is a great low-cost option.


Making a Move

These are the home upgrades you’ll see the most benefit from when you’re looking to sell your home. 

But even before that time comes, remodeling can be a great side project. If the previous year taught us anything, it is to live in the moment and enjoy the process as much as we can. When the time comes to move, you will recoup most of the money you invested.

If you’re looking to remodel solely for value purposes, opt for changes that have the biggest returns on investment. 

Once you’ve sold it for a great price and you’re ready to move, it’s time to hire professional movers to help you — or is it? To help you decide if you need to hire movers or try to do it yourself, moving tips on which option may be better for you at the moment.


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