Some movers offer cheaper rates on weekdays compared to weekends, but McKinney is becoming increasingly popular day by day, and only a few McKinney moving companies offer cheaper weekday rates. Most companies charge the same amount throughout the week, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to save money when hiring movers. Read on to discover how to find and hire cheap but reliable McKinney movers.


Why Are Movers Sometimes Cheaper on Weekdays?

Many moving companies charge less on weekdays simply because they’re less busy. A majority of offices avoid booking movers from Monday to Friday because they are busy with work. If they move during weekdays, it may disrupt their day-to-day business operations, so most businesses choose to move over the weekend. This, in turn, makes Saturday and Sunday the busiest days for professional movers–hence, they charge more on those days.

How to Find Cheap Movers

Unfortunately, the majority of movers are not cheaper during weekdays in McKinney. Many people move in or around McKinney, so moving rates are uniform throughout the week. 

However, you can still save money when moving to McKinney by finding cheap moving services. Here’s our short, sweet, and fool-proof guide on hiring reliable, budget-friendly movers:

Step One: Research

Like every other buying process, you’ll have to first check out the range of your options. Search for the best moving companies in McKinney and shortlist the ones with the best reviews and the lowest rates.

You might find the ones with the best reviews instantly, but for finding the ones with cheap rates, implement the process mentioned in step two of this guide. Overall, we recommend shortlisting at least three companies–do not shortlist more than five, as a greater number of companies will only add to the complexity of the process.

Step Two: Compare All-Inclusive Costs

How will you know if a company is charging less than standard rates? Browse through the top ten professional movers in McKinney and jot down each company’s pricing for moving one bedroom on a weekday. Many professional moving companies do not offer pricing plans on their websites, so we recommend acquiring a quote by either sending them an email or filling out the form on their websites.

If you’re sending them an email, make sure you mention:

  • The size of your workplace
  • The distance between the two locations
  • Your moving date 

Note that it is essential to keep all details the same when acquiring the quotes–this will help you make a valid comparison. Once you have the data of the best available McKinney movers, check out what companies typically charge.

At the time of writing this post, the average hourly rate of the top ten movers in McKinney is about $128, so if a company is charging less than the average, it is categorized as a cheap moving service. Additionally, check out what moving rates mean to the company. Ideally, they should cover:

  • Transportation costs
  • Gas costs
  • Labor costs (loading and unloading)
  • Packing material costs

If a company includes only one to two of the above factors in its rates, you should exclude it from your shortlisted options if saving money is one of your priorities.

Next, arrange the companies you’ve shortlisted in the order of lowest to highest pricing.

Step Three: Get on a Five-Minute Call

You’ll find a contact number on the website of most professional moving services in McKinney. Jump on a quick call with a representative and assess how cooperative and inquisitive they are.

A reliable and reputable company will visit your property or ask for plenty of details before quoting its final charges–this quote should be free and be void of hidden fees. The company should guide you through every step of what your moving process will be and should be ready to answer any question you may have.

Other Ways to Save

Here are some other ways to save money when moving, such as doing your own packing (at least for some of your smaller items) and transporting some smaller items yourself in your company vehiclesBy doing so, you’ll reduce the hours required for your move and bring down its total cost. Wondering how long a moving company takes in McKinney? Take a look at our latest post.


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