Yes–most reputable moving companies can help you transport cars during your move as part of the process of moving “specialty items.” What is specialty moving? Specialty moving is the specialized packing and transportation of fragile, large, or unique items. These are often expensive investment pieces, whether priceless for their sentimentality or their market value. 

When looking for movers in Frisco, TX, you want a reputable company that is licensed and insured–this protects both you and the costs of your belongings, including your vehicles. You will also want to schedule a moving consultation to ensure an accurate quote.

Most people are surprised by what a moving company can transport. Can moving companies transport alcohol? What about large appliances– can moving companies move refrigerators? The answer is yes to all of the above! However, these items are examples of specialty items for movers, just as cars are. They require expertise and experienced movers to pack, transport, and safely unpack at your final destination. 

It can be helpful to assess what items are specialty items before your consultation, so you can mention them right away and anticipate the work and care needed for your move.

Examples of Specialty Items

Cars and Other Vehicles

A professional moving company can move not only your everyday vehicle, but also motorcycles, motorbikes, and all-terrain vehicles. In most cases, it will be cheaper to move the latter four because other items can usually be stored with them on the truck. Cars can be trickier as they more often than not require a separate transport from the rest of the items in the move.

Pianos and Other Large Instruments

Pianos, in particular, require specialty moving because they are large and heavy, but also incredibly delicate. Experienced movers come prepared with designated padding and coverings to protect your Baby Grand and beyond. 

Fine Art and China

From sculptures to wall art to delicate porcelain, these fragile and temperamental items require a high level of competency from your movers. In your nightmares, you can hear the clanging and crashing of family heirlooms such as great-grandmother’s fine china in the back of an overcrowded truck. Don’t worry, it was just a bad dream–your movers will not only pack these items into the truck carefully, but they can also pack them into the boxes with special protective padding.

Large Appliances

Movers are experts at moving large appliances, but require some prep work on your end before the big move. Make sure your refrigerators are unplugged and emptied at least twenty-four hours before the day they need to be moved. Don’t forget to leave towels out to soak up the water overnight, as your refrigerator will drain.

You will also need to disconnect your washing machine and dryer before transporting them, but you can ask your moving company to help with this if needed. Additionally, if you need to move a grill or barbeque, make sure you remove the propane tank if one is attached. Movers will not move propane tanks as this can be incredibly dangerous and even fatal. It is recommended you give away the tank or move it entirely separately from other items to avoid combustion.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a clearer idea of what constitutes a specialty item and what you can expect, you can feel more prepared when seeking quotes and estimates from moving companies. Reputable moving companies like North Dallas Moving and Storage can provide over-the-phone estimates and even more accurate quotes by surveying your home, while making sure your estimates are void of any hidden fees. These Frisco movers will prepare you with checklists and personalized moving plans to ensure you and your belongings make it to your new home, safe and sound.