Moving and storage go hand in hand. Often, during the transitional period–when things are still being finalized–homeowners find that they have no place to safely store their belongings until the new home is ready.

If this is the case for you, you may be wondering whether one of the best Westlake moving companies can store your belongings for you. When it comes to NDMS, the answer is yes!



What Storage Options Are There?

If you’re upscaling your house and moving soon, chances are that you will likely require some temporary storage for your furniture and items. There are a few storage options available, and you will have to weigh your options and choose one depending on the size and nature of your move, your budget, and overall convenience. 

Here are two things to consider when booking a storage option:

1. How Long You Need Storage For 

Storing your items with a trustworthy moving company like NDMS is almost always the best option, considering you’re already entrusting them with your belongings, and the storage services can be simply added to your existing bill. 

However, if you need to store items for as long as four to six months, choosing a moving company storage option may not be possible. Generally, moving companies offer only short-term storage plans, but this can vary from company to company, so make sure to enquire before you seal the deal. 

If you require long-term or indefinite storage, you might want to consider renting a moving container. This will also serve as your storage container, which means you can store your belongings away and won’t have to worry about unloading until your new home is ready. 

2. Will You Need Those Items While in Storage?

If you require access to your belongings while they are in storage for an extended period, storing with a moving company is not the best idea. This is because most moving companies will store your belongings in their designated warehouses, which you won’t be able to access for regulatory purposes. 

So, if you think you’ll need to use your belongings during the storage period, consider renting a moving pod instead. Moving pods offer secure long-term storage facilities that allow you to access your items during storage. 

When to Store With a Moving Company

If you won’t need access to your belongings while they are in storage, we would always recommend adding a storage service to your moving package with the company you have partnered with. 

If you need to store your items only for a short period, ask your moving company about its storage services. This means you will have to deal with only one company and pay for all your services in one bill, making moving and storage much more straightforward. 

Generally, most moving companies include a thirty-day storage facility in your overall estimate, which is typically enough time for your new home to be ready to receive your belongings. 

If you’re looking into alternate storage options, you will have to meticulously coordinate both moving and storage services to ensure there are no delays and the combined bills fall within your budget. 


Cost of Storing With a Moving Company

Moving companies charge for storage depending on the size of your storage container, which is usually around forty cents per cubic foot. You can expect to pay about $50 a month for a small five-by-five unit, but the price can go up to $350, depending on your needs. 

Storage charges with a moving company will generally include the following: 

  • Cost to move your items to the storage unit 
  • Cost to deliver them to your new home 
  • Monthly/daily storage charges 
  • Extra services/administrative fees


What Is Storage in Transit?

If you’re planning on storing with a moving company, you should know about storage in transit. For long-distance moves, it is likely your items will take a couple of days to reach their destination. In this case, if you’re looking for a storage option for a week or less, you might not even need it. 

However, ensure you know exactly when you are reaching your destination and how long your items will take to get delivered. If you can arrive before your items are delivered, this is a way to get short-term storage without hiring additional services. So if you plan your move well, you might just be able to avail storage in transit. For more helpful information about hiring professional movers, check out our articles on whether movers charge by the hour and what to do while movers are moving.


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