Moving can seem like a big task, but luckily, after you ask all the right questions, the perfect moving company will be able to help make the process as streamlined as possible. When looking into Frisco moving companies, you’ve probably seen the typical advice: make sure your movers are licensed and insured. You also already know to hire a company whose movers are background checked. But what about the odds and ends, like whether your movers can transport your alcohol?

In this article, we will break down questions you’re either afraid to ask or did not think to. Can moving companies transport alcohol? What about food in my fridge? Check out our responses below for insight into your nitty-gritty moving questions.

Commonly Asked Questions About Hiring Movers


1. Can Movers Transport My Food and Alcohol?

Yes–but this can vary from moving company to moving company. Items such as food or alcohol can be a bit trickier when it comes to moving your belongings; most moving companies recommend you put perishable or opened items into a cooler and either transport them yourself in your car or dispose of them before the day of the move. 

If you need to move open containers of alcoholic beverages, you must follow local, state, and federal transportation laws regarding this process. The majority of moving companies cannot travel with open containers in the back of the truck or van. They can, however, supply you with highly padded boxes to place your open alcohol bottles; they’ll also advise you to keep it sealed tight during transportation.

If you are moving an entire collection of wine, craft beer, or unopened liquor, the majority of moving companies will be happy to help you move them. This will fall under specialty item transportation, as these items are typically fragile and require climate-controlled transportation. Ask your moving company to account for this in your estimate, and inquire about what you can do on your end to prepare to move these items.


2. Do I Tip My Movers?

There is no industry standard for tipping movers. It is, of course, recommended to tip them, and how much to tip is contingent on the size of the job and the number of movers. For quicker trips with fewer than four movers, it is recommended to tip anywhere between $6 to $12 per hour. If you have a bigger job with heavier items or specialty items, you can tip more or offer refreshments to the movers, as well.


3. Is There Anything Extra My Movers Can Do?

Many movers, like North Dallas Moving and Storage, offer extra services to their customers. For example, North Dallas Moving and Storage includes debris removal from your home, decluttering and home organization, and the ability to track your movers online 24/7 during your move. We also supply clients with packing guides, moving calculators, and more. If you’re using a moving company for the first time, companies like North Dallas Moving and Storage are a great resource. 

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