Climate-controlled storage units are ideal for keeping your items protected while they are packed away. If you’re looking for storage units with temperature and humidity control, North Dallas Moving and Storage (NDMS) has you covered. Our state-of-the-art, full-service storage facility is just one of the many reasons why we are a trusted and reliable moving company in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Big moves can require periods when your belongings need to be stored until your new home is ready. Climate-controlled storage units take the worry out of exposing your precious belongings to extreme weather, especially while you’re figuring out how long it will take to move out of state from Grand Prairie, Texas. 

Whether you need long-term space or temporary storage during a move, having the ability to keep your items stored in a safe temperature range brings peace of mind to the process of relocating and safekeeping items that mean a lot to you.



Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage

Items tucked away in boxes are susceptible to damage from moisture or fluctuations in temperature–particularly objects that have sentimental value. Heat and moisture can warp and permanently ruin precious items. Climate-controlled storage units are specifically designed to maintain a consistent temperature and level of airflow, to eliminate the risk of exposure to extreme temperatures and the buildup of debris, mold, and mildew. 

Storage units that do not have climate control options are usually outside and relatively exposed. This allows people to drive their cars directly to the unit, but it also exposes what is stored inside to the elements. Climate-controlled storage units are maintained within monitored facilities, which also provides the bonus of additional security for valuable items.

Best Items to Keep in Climate-Controlled Storage

While you can store almost anything you want in a climate-controlled unit, certain items will hold up better in this environment. These include:

  • Paper goods: Vital records of any kind, photographs, newspapers, comic books or magazine collections, and any other papers that you need stored will do best in a cool, low-moisture environment that will keep pages from curling. 
  • Antiques, art, and other collectibles: Objects that need to be stored with preservation in mind and are much better off in a climate-controlled unit than in your basement or attic. Eliminating moisture is an essential component for preserving antique collections.
  • Wooden furniture or instruments: Wood is highly susceptible to water and heat damage and will easily if not stored properly. Regulating the air quality inside the unit will also help reduce the accumulation of dust on furniture. 
  • Electronics: Electronic devices such as computers, televisions, and camera equipment are extremely sensitive to overheating and dust accumulation. If not properly stored in moderate temperatures, they may not function properly.
  • Clothing, leather, and linens: Prolonged exposure to moisture can cause mold damage and discoloration on fabrics, causing delicate fibers to break down over time. Wedding dresses are the perfect example of clothing that requires climate-controlled storage. 

Many of these items are irreplaceable. The longer they are stored, the more important it is to keep them in a well-maintained environment. For commercial storage, any type of plastics, dry goods, office or medical supplies, and even wine should always be kept in temperature-controlled, low-moisture units to maintain the integrity of the inventory. 

Long-Term or Short-Term Units?

Even if you are only planning on storing your items for a short period, it’s still worth considering a storage unit that regulates temperature and humidity. Sensitive items like paper documents and expensive electronics can be damaged almost immediately when exposed to heat and moisture. Putting things in storage should be a stress-free experience with you being able to count on your belongings staying in good shape.


The Full-Service Moving and Storage Option

NDMS proudly offers full-service, climate-controlled storage for both long and short-term rentals. Our dedicated team of professionals does all the work for you–we can expertly pack your specialty items for storing and when you are settled in your new space or simply ready to have them back, our team will arrange to have your items delivered to your home.

Contact us with any questions about moving and storing. We can handle unique, large items like pianos and other large instruments, artwork, antique furniture, and anything else that requires expert handling and storage!


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