Texas has long been a top destination for Americans looking for greener pastures. Its mild weather, low tax rates, and business-friendly environment continue to attract new residents year after year. 

New residents aren’t the only thing that Fort Worth is gaining. Major corporations from all over America are either fully relocating or opening branches all over Texas. If you’re following your company to Fort Worth, working with full-service movers in Richardson, Texas can help make the process pain-free. 


Why Businesses Choose Fort Worth

Fort Worth’s playful second name is ‘Cowtown,’ thanks to its roots as a key place Texas cattle were loaded onto trains and shipped across the country. While Fort Worth is still proud of this country-western heritage, the city is far from old-fashioned. 

The rail lines first constructed in the mid-1800s are still being used every day. BNSF, one of the largest rail companies in America, has its headquarters in Fort Worth, because Fort Worth still has one of the largest rail hubs in Texas. 

Being located next to a critical logistics point for the American economy makes Fort Worth a top choice for manufacturers. Time is money, and being able to load freight out the back door and onto a train is a huge advantage. However, rail isn’t the only reason companies choose Fort Worth. 

DFW Airport is home to American Airlines, and their headquarters are located in Fort Worth. DFW is a major airport for passengers, as well as a gigantic hub for air freight. Easy access to air freight with flights anywhere in the world is obviously attractive to businesses. 

Lastly, Fort Worth is an excellent destination for companies seeking real estate that is more affordable than land in its sister city, Dallas. While Dallas is entirely built-out and can only expand at the farthest edges of the suburbs, Fort Worth and its surrounding areas still have plenty of reasonably priced property.

Low-cost real estate, a logistics dreamland, and tax-friendly state policies will keep Fort Worth booming for the foreseeable future. If you’re moving to Fort Worth, you might wonder how much it costs to move from Fort Worth to Dallas, or vice versa. The key is selecting a reputable moving company, like NDMS, to help keep your costs in check. 

Selecting a Moving Company

Not all moving companies operate in the same manner, and choosing the right one is critical. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a moving company:


The first thing anyone should do before deciding on a moving company is examine the company’s reputation. A few quick Google searches should turn up plenty of reviews and testimonials. Anyone without a highly rated online presence should raise red flags. 

Cost Transparency

Teaser rates and advertisements touting $99 moves are disingenuous at best. These low introductory prices often catch the eye, but neglect to mention the fine print. 

The actual contract frequently includes a litany of charges and add-ons designed to be unavoidable. In the end, customers end up paying thousands of dollars for what was advertised as a $99 deal. 

Transparent costs help individuals budget accordingly; they also help the customer avoid outrageous sticker shock when presented with a bill far higher than expected. The best companies will offer a fully-priced, all-in quote, including every charge from the old front door to the new one. This quote should be offered before the move and not after. 

Insurance and Licensing

Finally, it is critical that the company you choose to work with is licensed and insured. Insurance is especially important to make sure all of your belongings are covered in the event of a worst-case scenario. 

NDMS to the Rescue

Since 1966, North Dallas Moving and Storage has been helping Texans and would-be Texans move their most precious items. We are a fully licensed, insured, and cost-transparent full-service moving company, meaning we handle everything–from packing to shipment to unloading. 

Our friendly estimators will be happy to visit your home and quote you a price that will not change during your move. The cost you see is the cost you pay, not a penny more. Give us a call today, and see how we can make your move as stress-free as possible!


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