Moving is a hassle regardless of whether it’s across town or the country. There is so much planning involved that it’s easy to let stress overwhelm you.

But moving doesn’t have to be that bad, and there are steps you can take to ensure your move goes off, with as little inconvenience as possible.

If you’re moving into the Dallas area, here are a few tips to make sure you get there with as little trouble as possible.


Packing Considerations

Packing up all of your belongings is a hassle; the more stuff you have, the longer it’s going to take. While most people do their packing themselves, you might consider hiring a professional service to handle the job for you. While hiring a pro packing service will cost you money in the short term, they save you time, stress, and headaches, which is worth the expense.

Consider hiring a professional packing service if you:

– Work a full-time job and don’t have the time to pack everything yourself.
– Have too much stuff that would take too long to pack by yourself reasonably.
– Have a lot of valuable items such as glass, dishes, China, and heirlooms.
– Would rather not deal with buying all the materials necessary to pack your belongings adequately.
– Don’t have anyone to help out.
These are just a few reasons to consider hiring a professional packing service to help you with your move. If you’re moving across the country, a pro packing service removes stress and worry about having your items arriving safely.


Be Aware of Regulations

If you’re moving into the Dallas-Fort Worth area from another state, there are a variety of state and federal regulations that a moving company must adhere to ensure your items arrive in the right condition. When hiring a moving company to take care of your interstate move, make sure they have an interstate DOT (Department of Transportation) number and an Operating Authority (MC number). Hiring a reputable residential moving company to handle your interstate move protects you and your property as well as the moving company.

By doing this, you give yourself the best chance of the move going smoothly and everything arriving on time and in one piece.


Plans for Cross Country Moving

If you’re moving from across the country into the Dallas-Fort Worth area, it’s essential that you do your research before you move. The first step is to find a reputable moving service that can handle a big job like an interstate move. Hiring a professional, highly rated service will reduce the anxiety and stress that comes with such a life-changing event like moving across the country.

Also, you’ll want to research the area into which you’re moving. If you have kids, scrutinize the school system to see what extracurricular activities they offer and what are their academic standards. Look to see what groups and attractions are available, and what’s available regarding shopping and dining. It’s helpful to make a list of wants before you research as this will narrow down your search.

On your list, it’s a good idea to make two columns with wants versus must-haves. Knowing that you’re not going to get everything you want makes it easier to compromise and get the best possible place.


Check The Job Market

While some of you might be moving into the Dallas-Fort Worth area because your company is sending you there, many others are moving for better opportunities. Before you move, it’s wise to research what jobs are available either in Dallas or the general area. Make a list of the jobs you want, whether you’re willing to commute (and how far), your desired salary, and the perks you want. As with the list discussed above, your list should include what you want versus what you must have.

Dallas and the surrounding areas have a lot to offer a variety of people with a variety of skills and backgrounds. According to recent (2016) U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Metropolitan Statistical Area stood at 3,523,400, which was up from the previous year. The statistics also showed that the job market increased in the Dallas-Fort Worth area 3.3 percent above the national increase of 1.8 percent. Lastly, Dallas ranked second among the largest metro areas when it came to
how many jobs were added and the rate at which they were added?

All this means that with a little research, you stand a high chance of landing that perfect job if you’re moving into the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Check The School Systems

For parents, one of the primary considerations when moving to a new area are the schools. Every parent wants to be sure their children are getting the best education and the best opportunities to prepare them for the world and the future. Many parents make the school the number one consideration when they move.

Thankfully, the Dallas-Fort Worth area offers some of the best elementary and high schools in the country. Besides, there is a wide range of private schools from which to choose if you go that route. As with any big, life-changing decision, it’s wise to make a list of what you want versus what you must have and then do your research on the schools in the area. Some excel at academics to the detriment of sports, while others offer exceptional sporting programs with average academics.

Put the Kids at Ease

Uprooting kids from familiar surroundings isn’t easy, but you can lessen their anxiety and fears so long as you communicate with them and involve them in the process, so they feel they have some control over the situation.

When you’re doing your research into the new school and neighborhood, ask your kids for their input, and even let them do some internet searches of their own.

If your realtor offers virtual tours of the home you’re buying, take the tour with the kids and let them choose where their room will be and where they’d like to put their things.

The key to preparing your kids for a move is to communicate with them, remain positive about the move, and let them help as much as possible. Moving isn’t easy, especially moving across the country, but with the proper planning and diligence, your experience can be relatively stress-free and dare we say fun.