When you’re thinking about moving miles away from Texas, you’ll want to hire the best company to help you pack up your things and move them from your old place to your new one. But with several long-distance movers in Dallas, such as North Dallas Moving and Storage (NDMS), how do you know who is the best moving company for a long-distance relocation? This guide walks you through what to look for in a moving company and gives a couple of tips to help you find the best moving company in Dallas.

What to Look For in a Dallas Texas Moving Company

The best moving company is transparent, experienced, and service-oriented. When you’re choosing the right one for you, bear these qualities in mind:

Quality Service and Supervision

You’ll want to hire a moving company that’s known to be able to handle the different moving parts of relocation like a well-oiled machine. This is possible when its staff is focused on giving you the best service—and has the supervision to ensure that that happens. NDMS, for instance, has drivers that drive their own trucks and hand-pick their teams for every project, which results in a seamless job.

Background-Checked Employees

When you move, you’re entrusting your belongings to total strangers, which can be daunting. You can ease your worries by hiring a moving company that thoroughly vets its employees; for example, NDMS conducts background checks and puts its staff through special training so the thought of theft, damages, and losses doesn’t even have to cross your mind.


The more experience a mover has, the more equipped they’ll be to handle your move. NDMS has more than fifty years of moving jobs behind it, which tells you that it’s knowledgeable and skilled in how to deal with the ins and outs of relocation. You can leave everything to NDMS without a doubt that it’ll do a good job.

Fair and Transparent Pricing

Moving can cost a pretty penny, and it could go out of budget if you hire a mover that has hidden fees. Check that your moving company quotes you an all-inclusive price—preferably one based on an actual home visit rather than just rough numbers pulled out of thin air.

Licenses and Insurance

When a moving company is licensed and insured, you have extra peace of mind that there are safeguards in place to ensure that it safely and securely transports your belongings from point A to point B.

Tips for Finding the Best Dallas Texas Moving Company

Now that you know what to look for in a Dallas Texas moving company, it’s time to scout your choices and pick the best one. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

Look for Recommendations

If you have friends or family who have moved in the past, ask them for moving company recommendations. This way, you get qualified first-hand reviews, and they may even be able to connect you with the same people they trusted during their relocation. 

Ask the Right Questions

Get ready with a list of questions that can help you weed out those that can’t provide you the service you need and deserve. Some things to ask are:

  • What services do you offer?
  • How long will the move take?
  • Do you offer shipment tracking?
  • How do you handle damages and loss?
  • Do you have liabilities coverage?
  • Do you have experience packing and transporting specialty items?
  • Do you provide storage?

Compare Prices

Prices among moving companies in Dallas vary significantly, which may be caused by hidden fees charged by some movers. Be sure to check how a company calculates its pricing. It’s a good sign if it quotes you prices based on a home visit, just like NDMS does, where it actually sees the scope of the work before it gives you an estimate.

Moving to or From Dallas, Texas? Hire NDMS for an Easy and Stress-Free Experience

NDMS is one of the best moving companies in Dallas, Texas. We have over five decades of experience helping people relocate from one Texas city to the next or even across the country for long-distance moves. We are licensed and insured and can promise quality service through trained and well-supervised staff—all at a cost-effective price (with no hidden fees!). With NDMS, moving turns out to be a simple, hassle-free, and even enjoyable experience. Contact NDMS for a quote today!