The short answer is yes, it’s advisable to be present when movers are working. Your presence can facilitate a smoother process and allows you to be immediately available in case any issues arise. Having someone who knows the layout of the home and what should go where can help movers pack things correctly and efficiently. Being present when movers are packing and loading at your home can make the moving process go smoother; it is also important to be present when movers are unloading your items at your new home to ensure everything is placed in the right spot.

Reasons to Be Present During Packing and Loading

Having someone present when movers pack and load your belongings at your home can significantly reduce the time it takes for them to complete the task. Here are four reasons why it pays to be there:

1. Guide Movers on How You Want Things Packed and Loaded

Being present when movers pack your belongings gives you the opportunity to tell them exactly how you want things packed and loaded. You know best which items should be packed together and how they should be loaded into the truck. If you’re looking for a Westlake moving company to help you move in North Dallas, make sure they have the equipment and expertise needed to get the job done correctly.

2. Help Supervise the Packing Process

If you are there during your move, you can ensure everything (including sensitive items such as artwork, electronics, and fragile furniture) is packed properly and handled carefully. For example, you can tell the movers how to pack and load a china cabinet or if artwork should be packed separately in a certain manner.

3. Be Sure Nothing Is Left Behind

It is easy to overlook small items or boxes in the chaos of packing and loading, but when you are present, you can oversee the process so nothing is left behind and everything is loaded into the truck.

4. Store Your Items Safely

If you are present when movers pack and load, you can see for yourself that items are being packed into boxes and secured properly in the truck. If they are stored at a facility and you know how long moving companies will store your stuff, you can be confident that your items are safe. Typically, movers can store a move for up to forty-five days. If you’re moving long-distance, most companies can store your items for up to ninety days.

Reasons to be Present When Unloading at Your New Home

Moving into a new home is exciting and often overwhelming, making it all the more important to be present when movers unload your belongings at your new place. Here are four reasons why it is important to be available when movers are bringing your possessions to your new home:

1. Give Directions on Where Items Should Go

If you are present when movers offload your belongings, you can show them exactly where you want items placed. This will also save time because the movers won’t have to waste time trying to figure out where items should go.

2. Check That Items Were Not Damaged During the Move

Checking the items as they are unloaded lets you know they arrived safely and in good condition. Being there lets you see exactly how long-distance movers work so you can be sure your items arrive safely. Most moving companies have a comprehensive insurance policy covering any damage or loss during the move.

3. Ask Movers to Assemble Furniture or Appliances as Needed

Some furniture and electrical appliances require assembly, and you can ask movers to do this for you when they unload your belongings. This allows them to get the job done quickly, and you’ll know that it has been assembled correctly.

4. Make Payment Quickly and Easily

When you are present at the offload, you can pay the movers immediately. They get paid quickly, and the move can be completed promptly.

Final Thoughts

Your presence when movers pack and load your belongings at your first home and offload at your new home is important for a successful move. You can supervise the packing process, ensure nothing is left behind, provide directions on where items should go, answer questions, and check for any accidental damage. 

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