Preparing for a commercial move can be a headache. Especially when there are endless commercial moving companies in the market who all say they offer the best service. 

How are you to figure out which are trustworthy and reliable? 

You want to avoid any sketchy commercial movers when you’re preparing to relocate your business. Finding an expert commercial mover will make your move as seamless and painless as possible because they know what they’re doing. 

Here you’ll find information on how to identify a reputable commercial mover and what questions you should ask before making your hiring decision. 


How to Find a Reputable Commercial Mover

Read online reviews

Thanks to the Internet, unethical businesses can’t fly under the radar for too long! People love to share their experiences with businesses online, for better or for worse. Look at the reviews for the commercial moving company you’re interested in using and see what others have said.

Don’t just take their general rating, but actually read the reviews. Even the best commercial mover may have a few negative because of a few nit-picky issues, but the majority should reflect happy, satisfied corporate customers! 

Look for reviews of moves completed that are in similar scope to the one you’re planning. You can find them on social media sites, Google, Angie’s List, and the Better Business Bureau.


Assess their professionalism

First impressions are lasting impressions. From the sales rep to the receptionist, everyone should conduct themselves professionally. They should be timely and dressed appropriately, and don’t be afraid to ask questions to everyone. 

Professionals will know all about commercial moving and should answer your questions without hesitation.


Get accurate quotes

A trustworthy commercial moving company will always visit your location in-person before giving you a quote. Any company that tries to give you a quote over the phone without visiting your space is a giant red flag! 

Get your quote in writing, and make sure it itemizes all charges and potential charges like overtime or other penalties. Never sign a blank or incomplete quote, especially on moving day! 

An unethical moving company can then add surplus charges after you’ve already signed. 

how to find good movers

Check their experience

Expert commercial movers will have years of experience under their belts. They should know the ins and outs of commercial moving, be able to accurately assess a space, and provide you with a detailed outline of what the process will look like. 

They should be well-versed in proper packing and padding of items, handling of delicate or fragile equipment, and how to maneuver stairwells and tight hallways. 

If you feel like you know more about commercial moving than your sales rep, you probably want to find a different company to work with!


Validate licensing and insurance

Reputable commercial movers will have their paperwork in order including proper licensing and insurance. They should have a license number with the U.S. Department of Transportation to transport items across state lines. 

When it comes to insurance, commercial movers will provide coverage for your goods as well as their crew members. They will provide you with information on liability insurance as part of your written estimate.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! A professional commercial mover should ask you more questions than you ask them because they understand the undertaking of a commercial move. 

After all, commercial moving is their business, not yours!


Questions to Ask Your Commercial Mover Before Hiring

An expert commercial mover will provide you with all the information necessary without you having to ask for it. Use these questions to understand their process and what to expect, and to assess their professionalism and expertise. 

A true professional commercial mover can confidently and quickly answer these questions. If they are unsure or don’t know how to answer some of these, you may be dealing with a dishonest or inexperienced commercial mover.


How do you price a commercial move? 

There are a few different ways to pricing a commercial move. They can base it on the overall volume or cubic feet of the current space. If you’re moving long-distance, they may factor in mileage. 

Difficulties with building access, stairs, or elevators may also play a part in pricing. Large moves are typically quoted at a flat, binding cost regardless of time and materials. Others provide only an estimate with final charges based on actual time and material usage.


How will you manage the move?

A professional moving company will assign you a project manager who is also an industrial or office specialist once a contract is signed. This person will work with you to plan and schedule all the details. 

The Project Manager ensures that everything runs smoothly, identifies and mitigates risk, and makes sure to execute on time and within budget.

commercial movers

Do you have your own installers? 

Depending on the type of commercial move you’re planning, you may have furniture or workstations that need to be disassembled at your current location and then reassembled when they arrive at their new home. 

Ask if the commercial moving company provides professional installers who have expertise in putting together office furniture. This will make sure that your move is as efficient as possible.


Can you assist with the disposal of access items? 

It’s always a good idea to ask if your commercial mover can help you get rid of unwanted items during your move to the new space. Oftentimes companies take advantage of an office move to upgrade items like seating or computer monitors. 

Check with your professional movers to see if they can help you get rid of the older items you no longer need. It is a huge time saver if they can do that part too!


Can you provide references? 

You want to make sure that your commercial movers have done moves that are similar in size and complexity to the one you’re planning. Multi-floor moves are more difficult to plan and execute than moving a small office. 

Ask your professional movers to provide references of previous client moves that were similar in scope. Try to get a contact person that you can speak to or written testimonials signed by one of their clients.

Planning your business move is stressful enough, but hiring a great commercial mover will make it a lot easier. You want to make sure that from the beginning the company you choose is professional, honest, provide clear expectations, and a solid plan of action. 

If at any point you get a bad feeling in your gut or one of these red flags pops up, don’t ignore it! Make sure the professional movers that you hire are reputable, trustworthy professionals.


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