If you are in the mood to venture out of the Las Colinas Resort and looking for an electric football experience, the AT&T Stadium is hands down the place to be. With its 100,000-person capacity, this stadium has enough space to fit everyone in your neighborhood–and then some.

Let’s check out five facts that make AT&T Stadium a unforgettable destination:


1. It Cost a Cool $1.3 Billion 

The idea of a rebuild of what was then called the “Texas Stadium” surfaced in 1994. However, it wasn’t until 2007 that Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, reached an agreement with the City of Arlington to overhaul the existing facility and create something bigger, bolder, and better—Texas style. 

Initially, the building was expected to cost $650 million, with Jones covering any overruns. By 2009, the project had blown its budget by a mind-bending 100%, making the AT&T Stadium the most expensive facility ever built at $1.3 billion. 

As if that wasn’t enough, “Jerry World,” as the stadium is fondly called, is getting a $295 million upgrade for the upcoming 2026 World Cup. 

2. You Can’t Bring Water

If you consider your water bottle a part of your daily gear, we have some sad news: you can’t bring it to a game. According to AT&T Stadium’s A to Z Guide, “bottles, cans, thermoses, and beverage containers of any kind” are prohibited. 

So, if your throat is parched from cheering at the top of your lungs, you’ll have to wait in a concession line and pay up for something to drink. If that’s not your idea of fun, you might be able to bring in a sixteen-ounce collapsible silicone water bottle. 

3. There’s a Bag Policy

If you take a big shoulder bag with you everywhere, the stadium’s bag policy says you can’t bring it in. So, leave your Louis Vutton at home; if you absolutely must bring some sort of bag with you, you’re limited to these options: 

  • A plastic, vinyl, or PVC tote that is twelve-by-six-by-twelve inches or smaller
  • A one-gallon, resealable plastic bag
  • A tiny clutch (no larger than 4.5-by-6.5 inches)

4. Traffic Can Get Dangerous

Since its opening almost fifteen years ago, the AT&T Stadium has hosted everything from the annual Big 12 Championship Games to the Super Bowl XLV in 2011—averaging two million visitors a year. 

This can mean traffic hell. If you’ve decided to see a game at the famous stadium, make sure you arrive at least three hours before kickoff–otherwise, you won’t be able to get in. This is even more important if you’re coming by public transportation or taking a hike from your hotel. 

So, don’t arrive late, especially if you’re driving, as a parking space costs anywhere from a mind-bending $120 to a heart-attack-inducing $1,200 per hour during kickoff.

5. There’s a Handy Mobile App

Live out of town but want to represent your team at the Big 12 championships? No worries–the AT&T Stadium has a free mobile app you can download on an iPhone or Android. 

It helps you keep up-to-date with team news, gives you access to the Cowboys’ schedule and live events, and enables you to participate in time-killing games with cash prizes to keep it interesting. You can also book tickets while sitting on your couch, get directions and transportation to the stadium, and access interactive maps for navigating the gigantic food court!

Enjoy a Day at This One-of-a-Kind Stadium

Even if you are only able to score a seat in nose-bleed territory, the 25,000-square-foot jumbotron will bring the game to you. No more Lego-sized players zipping across the green! The AT&T Stadium has everything you need for enjoying all the best events.


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