We know, moving is a hassle, a chore, and a headache all in one. It’s likely something that you would probably like to avoid if you could. Giving up all of your friends, your routines, and your favorite hangouts to go to a town where you’re the stranger can leave one filled with stress and dread.

Well, the good news is that, while all of that may be true, you’ll eventually meet new people, get involved with new social scenes, and find new favorite hangouts in your new city.

Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a blowout before you go, so here are a few things you can do to have a little fun before you set off onto a new adventure.

Create Memories in Photos

If you have enough time, start taking photos of you and your friends every time you hang out together. Take selfies and plenty of fun shots when you’re out on the town so that you have plenty of memories to look back on once you’re gone.

Also, consider choosing the best photos and having them printed out in a collage to give to your friends and to hang up in your new place so you can be reminded of your old life while you’re trying to build a new one.

Throw A Monster Bash

One thing everyone should do before they move to a new city is throwing one gigantic farewell party; spare no expense and make it the time of your life.

Invite your closest friends and use the time to reminisce and make promises to keep in touch. Don’t forget to use this time to take plenty of photos and store them online or on your computer where you won’t have to worry about losing them.


Don’t be shy about recruiting some of your friends to help you move and see if anyone has any tips about the city to which you’re moving. Ask about the hottest clubs or the best restaurants and attractions you can seek out once you arrive. Having some foreknowledge goes a long way to helping you establish yourself in a new town.

Even though moving away from everything you know is a sad, stressful time in your life, having one last epic party will do wonders for your mood and help you get off on the right foot knowing that you have such a strong support base to lean on if it gets tough in your new digs.

Spend Quality Time With Your BFF

When you’re planning to move, you’re most likely busy with all of the logistics that are involved with packing up everything and trucking it to a new city. And because you’re so busy, you may not have been spending as much time with your friends as you used to.

So, before you move, make it a priority to spend some high-quality time with your best friends and do all of those things you love to do together.

Have a night out at your favorite restaurant or club to talk and enjoy each other’s company. Go out and eat the kind of meals that would put you in the dog house with your dietitian. The point is to hang out with your BFF and have as much fun and create as many lasting memories as you can.

Strengthening those bonds with your closest friends before you move is crucial in case you need someone to talk to when you’re feeling down in the dumps in your new city.

Plan Getaways & Get-togethers

If you’re moving to a city that’s within an hour or two drive time from your current place, why not plan to take off for a weekend to go hang out and visit the old crew? Take some time before you leave to set aside a few weekends during the year and commit to coming back and hanging out. Doing this now helps to ensure everyone clears time on their calendars and plans for a visit.

This not only ensures that you’ll stay in touch with your old friends, but it gives you something positive to look forward to, to boost your spirits as you’re adjusting to your new city.

If you’re doing a long distance move for a visit to be practical, take advantage of technology and plan for a FaceTime or Skype call once a week to stay in touch. Like the get-together tip, plan ‘appointments’ to have your talks and stick to it.

Start a Journal

If you’ve never created a journal before, now is a great time to do it. Start it several weeks before you move and every day write down what you did and the feelings you had. Pay attention to those fun times you had with your friends, but also note the sadness you feel having to leave everything behind.

If you feel comfortable doing so, consider making this an online journal that you can share with other people who might be going through the same experience as you. Your words might be just the inspiration someone else needs to get them through a rough patch similar to yours.


Whether you go shopping for expensive clothes or you take your closest friends to an amusement park, take one day and have fun without worrying about how much money you’re spending. Obviously, you don’t want to go into too much debt, but try having a carefree day to help get your mind off of the upcoming move and the fact that you’re leaving all of your friends behind.

The idea is to make it a dream day, and one that no one will forget.

Moving is usually a stressful, sad time, but if you make it a point to have some fun before you go, and spend quality time with your friends, you can create some great memories that will get you through the initial period when you move into your new place.