Relocating to another place is always an exciting change. No matter why you’re moving out of Lewisville, you are on the road to begin a new chapter in your life. 

While such a big move may seem stressful, we’ve compiled a guide to moving out of Lewisville to help you navigate this change. Let’s begin!



Create a Moving Budget 

Moving is a significant financial commitment, even if you cut costs throughout the process. It’s crucial to have a thorough plan of how much money you want to spend on your move so that you can make smart financial choices along the way. Doing this early on will help you stay within budget, from the supplies you purchase to the movers in Lewisville, Texas you hire. 

There are plenty of online moving cost calculators you can use to get an estimate of the average price you’ll pay. You can also check out our post on how much it costs to hire movers in Lewisville, Texas for an in-depth analysis. 

Make sure to also account for other costs—from setting up new utilities, shipping your car (if you aren’t driving), hotels and meals (if your journey takes longer than a day), fuel, WiFi or cable, gas or airfare, etc. These small expenses can quickly accumulate, so it’s best to account for them in your initial moving budget.


Hire for Reputable Movers 

A long-distance move is a complex and time-consuming process, and you will need the support of a skilled, reliable moving team. Unfortunately, finding a trustworthy moving company to meet your unique needs can take some time, so starting the search early on is a good idea. 

When your moving day is finalized, hop online and look for moving companies in your area. Read reviews, get estimates, ask questions—be as thorough as possible. One tip to remember is to not just look at low-cost companies. While you may be tempted to hire the cheapest service to cut back on costs, some companies offer lowballed estimates and end up charging much more later. 

You should also be wary if a company promises an extensive list of services at surprisingly low costs—cheaper doesn’t always mean better, so always research industry rates and compare multiple estimates before deciding on a service. 


Get Your Paperwork in Order 

Sorting paperwork is certainly not the most fun part of relocating—but it’s very important. When moving out of Lewisville, you’ll have to arrange to update your billing address, cancel or transfer memberships and services, and so on. Here are some of the important things you’ll need to work out: 

  • Credit cards 
  • Voting registration
  • Cable 
  • WiFi 
  • Driver’s License 
  • Insurance 
  • Mail forwarding 
  • Gym/club memberships

While some of these can be done after you’ve settled into your new place, some need to be sorted before the move, so start making those phone calls in advance.


Visit Your New Place

If a trip fits your moving budget, we recommend visiting your future neighborhood to get the full rundown on the best local eateries, closest grocery stores, hospitals, cinemas, malls, dog parks, etc. 

If you can’t physically scope out your destination, there are plenty of digital resources you can use: Read Yelp reviews, search the city’s social media accounts, Google “things to do in” your city, check out local real estate, or take a Google Maps satellite tour of your new neighborhood. This will give you a better idea of where you’re moving to and will help you adjust quickly once you arrive. 


Arrange for Transfer of Utilities 

You will have to schedule the transfer of utilities to your new address before you leave Lewisville. While this is not very complicated, many people forget this step in the rush of moving. 

Depending on the service provider, this process can take a couple of days or weeks. Therefore, we recommend arranging for the discontinuation of utilities to your current house in Lewisville and installing services at your new home as soon as your moving day is finalized. Call your provider, settle any unpaid bills and charges, and ask how much time and advance notice they require. 

Once this is out of the way, you can go about your move and rest assured that you’ll have water, heating, and electricity when you arrive at your new place. 

If you’re on the flip side of the coin and moving to Lewisville, be sure to read our post on what to know when moving to Lewisville, Texas.


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