When you tell people you’re moving out of state, you’re likely met with wide eyes and perhaps a grimace–that’s because moving out of state is no easy feat. If this type of move is part of your upcoming plans, consider working with either residential or commercial movers in Frisco, Texas. Commercial movers specialize in relocating businesses and residential movers specialize in residences. All moves require thoughtful planning to avoid damages and costly mistakes.

Remember what you considered when moving to Frisco, Texas? Maybe your family was smaller, maybe you hadn’t invested in specialty items yet, or maybe you skimped and let your cousin help—and your flat screen shattered when it was dropped on the pavement. 

Things are different this time. You are going to hire experts to handle your next big move so it goes without a hitch!

Best Ways to Prepare for Your Move

We recognize that moving is never simple. To make the entire process easier, we recommend working with movers who understand you and your home. 

North Dallas Moving and Storage (NDMS) is a high-quality moving company in Frisco, Texas that has extensive experience with your type of long-distance move. NDMS will take the bulk of the work off your shoulders so you can focus on settling into your new home.

Here are the top four ways you can prepare for your out-of-state move: 

Learn All About Your New City and Neighborhood

Your out-of-state move could be for any number of reasons. You may want to live closer to family or it’s due to a work relocation. No matter the reason, you should research the area you’re moving to. If you can’t visit in person prior to your move, remote research can fill in the gaps.

Here are a few ways to do your research:

  • Use websites like NeighborhoodScout and Safewise to research crime rates by zip code.
  • If you have children in school, refer to GreatSchools.org to read up on local schools.
  • Google can provide insights into traffic patterns and visuals of areas with their Maps and Street View options. This can help familiarize you with the area.
  • Websites such as The PODS Blog and Compass offer comprehensive neighborhood guides with information about everything you want to know.

Research Moving and Storage Options

Long-distance moves require a lot of planning. As you prepare for your move, shop for estimates and moving companies that ship, transport, and store items. You may not be able to move everything at once, so movers with these capabilities will be worth it.

Companies such as NDMS that are licensed, insured, and offer 24/7 online tracking are best for long-distance moves. NDMS provides comprehensive services, such as vehicle transport, short-term and long-term storage solutions, and valuation coverage, to name a few.

Familiarize Yourself With the Area

Once you have landed a home, it’s time to map out how far it is from your new residence to work, school, grocery stores, and any other areas you expect to frequent. Get familiar with popular businesses in the area and plan your commute times. Where are some spots your family can create new memories? Where can you enjoy outdoor activities in the summer? 

Update Everything

Little details are often missed until it’s too late. Reach out to your utility companies to let them know when you would like to end service to your current residence, and when you would like to start service at your new one. Don’t forget to reach out to any other service providers that send bills and to any of your subscriptions to let them know about your change of address. Filling out a form online with the U.S. Postal Service is a quick way to complete this task.

Final Thoughts

Preparing for your big move involves many tedious steps. If you start here and collaborate with a reputable moving company, the process is easier. NDMS offers a variety of moving plans on its website. If you would like a move plan customized to your long-distance move, book a consultation with NDMS today!