If you’re curious about how movers pack clothes, you’re probably considering a full-service move for the very first time. Don’t worry–most reputable movers in Carrollton, Texas, like NDMS, promise premium quality packaging, attention to detail, and 100% safe delivery. 

Professional movers pack clothes in wardrobe boxes–these are large cardboard boxes with a hanging rod that’s detachable and usually made of metal. They’ll do this by transferring the hanging clothes in your wardrobe directly to these boxes. If you have a delicate outfit that requires careful handling or can get damaged by entangling with other clothes, we recommend covering it in a plastic or garment bag before the movers arrive. Alternatively, you can make a special request and let the movers know about the sensitivity of that particular item.

One wardrobe box is sufficient for about two feet of clothes; movers can also accommodate folded clothes in each box, if need be. You shouldn’t worry about the number of boxes used to move your clothes because most professional movers won’t charge you for each box. If you own a wardrobe as large as a room, however, extra charges may apply. You’ll need to discuss this with the company you hire.

Apart from wardrobe boxes, movers also use regular cardboard boxes to pack your shoes, bags, and other smaller items. Some movers may also allow you to keep your clothing in your dresser, for example, and move the entire furniture piece. In this case, you should ensure the following:

  • Nothing inside the dresser is fragile and breakable
  • The dresser locks fully or is otherwise secure
  • All small items inside your dresser are safely kept in a box or sealed bag

What Movers Won’t Do

First-timers have a lot of questions and assumptions about how movers handle each piece of clothing. To help avoid any confusion in this regard, here’s a list of things that movers won’t do for you:

  • They will not sort or discard your clothes.
  • They will not wash your clothes.
  • They will not stain clothes or break anything. If an accident happens, you will be compensated.
  • They will not open and repack items that you’ve already packed.
  • They will not move your wardrobe material in duffel bags, shoulder bags, or suitcases.

Final Thoughts

All in all, opting for a reliable and experienced full-service moving company, like North Dallas Moving and Storage, means you should worry less about how the moving process will go. A reputable moving service will always provide a detailed breakdown of their services and procedures ahead of your move–including how they’ll pack and move your clothing–and won’t hesitate to answer any questions you may have at any point in the process.

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