Many factors go into the cost of moving, as it can be a bit of a complex job. Although most moving companies more or less charge the same way, it’s good to know how moving companies in Plano, TX charge so you can have a sense of what to expect if you are moving to or from there. 

Any expenses will be offset by the knowledge of how much less of a headache you will experience bringing on a professional instead of going it on your own and needlessly stressing yourself out. 

So, How Do Plano Moving Companies Generally Charge?

Here’s a rough idea of what you can plan for so you can get your budget and moving strategy together from the get-go. Doing all your planning ahead of time will make the process easier down the line. You’ll be glad you started organizing early on rather than waiting until the last minute for any possible curveballs, or for nerves to set about the various moving parts of the process with which you shouldn’t need to worry yourself.

Full Service vs DIY

A big factor in how moving companies charge is by the amount of effort that comes from their team. A full-service move means the company will pack, move, and unpack for you. This will help ensure your items are transported safely, securely, and in a timely manner, with minimal effort on your part.

How to save: Opt for a DIY (do-it-yourself) or “hybrid” move, so to speak, where you do all the packing, using your own supplies—and even move some things yourself, too. Keep the heavy lifting for the professionals but carry smaller things. Also, plan to pack and unpack yourself to watch your labor costs go down.

Distance and How Long It Will Take

Local moves will be based on an hourly rate and by the number of movers required. On the other hand, long-distance move prices are usually based on the weight of your items and the distance. The distance is typically on a tiered basis, for instance, a fixed cost is built around 50-100 miles, 250-1,000 miles, etc.

How to save: While you can’t really control the distance from where you’re moving, you can save money by purging your items before you start the moving process. The less stuff you take—and therefore, the fewer trips, manpower, and trucks that are needed—the less money it will be! So while packing, work on decluttering your home as much as possible and consolidating what really needs to come with you in the end.

Bonus: if you have a garage sale, you can get some cash for your unused items, too!

how do plano moving companies charge

The Time of the Year

Interestingly enough, the summertime actually tends to be the easiest time to move because you might have more free time and, if you have kids, they’re likely out of school. However, since it is most popular, this option can be more expensive. Similarly, moving during a weekend instead of during weekdays will factor into the price, as well. 

How to save: Try scheduling a move during the winter and not on a weekend, as that can be an easy way to save money—when there are fewer people trying to move at the same time as you. Take advantage of lower demand meaning lower spend!

Additional Services

Add-on services are usually optional if you need or want some extra care during your move. Check out some of the additional choices you may find available to you depending on the movers you select:

  • Packing help and supplies assistance
  • Extra fragile care for valuable or unusual items (for example, breakable family heirlooms, statues, or other artworks)
  • Moving insurance so you’re covered should anything happen along the way that didn’t go as planned

Take some time to think about whether any of these add-ons might be right for you and your particular move. If they would make things simpler, then by all means, go for it! It may be well worth the additional fee.

Precisely How Much Do Moving Companies Charge & How to Get Started

It’s unfortunately not possible to give an exact price on a move since there are many different variables and every move will be customized to the person and situation, but here’s a helpful place to start your research:

moving cost

Also, you can use our moving cost calculator to get a better idea of what you might spend on your move. 

Hiring a professional Plano moving company can take a load off your already full plate. When you have so much going on, figuring out all aspects of a move by yourself—or with friends who haven’t moved delicate or particularly heavy items before—can be a lot to handle. With experts on your side, you can refocus your attention on the fun part: the adventure that comes with the new life you’ll be starting in your new digs, once you get there!