Many people are moving to McKinney for a variety of reasons–it is one of the best cities in suburban Dallas. From its Victorian-style homes to a charming, culture-rich downtown, this place is full of life.

Still, many newcomers have trouble estimating how much time it takes to relocate. There are a lot of variables involved, such as routes and distances–so, how long does a McKinney moving company really take?

On average, it takes about three hours for a moving company to relocate all your goods, furniture, and office supplies from one place in McKinney to another. However, this is only a rough estimate based on most relocations happening around the city. For a more accurate idea, there are a number of factors to consider.

Factors Affecting Moving Time

There are two main factors that determine moving time. These include the volume and nature of the goods to be moved, and the distance between the two locations.

At times, the routes involved also impact the moving time, but usually, it’s the company’s responsibility to choose the shortest and safest route possible.

Another factor that may affect the moving time is the placement of items around your workspace. If many small-sized movable objects are lying here and there, your movers will need extra time to sort, wrap, and pack things. You can prepare for full-service movers in McKinney, Texas and cut down this time by packing small items by yourself and leaving the big boxes for the movers to handle. 

The number of movers also determines the speed of the process–usually, moving companies send a two-member crew to assist your local moving process. A two-member crew takes about seven hours to move four rooms or more. If you’re moving your workplace, this may take even longer, depending on its size.

Questions to Ask Your Mover

Because a lot of factors specific to you determine the total moving time, we recommend discussing your situation with the company you’re booking so you can acquire an estimate for time and cost. When you book a company through a phone call, it’ll ask you the following:

  • Your current address
  • Your new address
  • The number of rooms in your current property
  • Your planned moving date
  • If you have any particularly large or fragile items and any special instructions

Based on this, the company will give you an estimated time for the entire process. We encourage you to ask the following questions to make things more clear:

  • What type of licensing do you have?
  • How can I contact you during the moving process?
  • What measures will you take to protect my goods?
  • What liability coverage options do you provide?
  • Can you provide me with a binding estimate?
  • Can you provide references?

Although these questions are not directly related to the time that the moving company will require, the answers will be a strong indicator of its experience and competence. 

If it can provide you a binding estimate, offer great coverage options, promise satisfactory protection of goods, are reachable throughout the moving process, and have a valid license, it will most likely provide you realistic time estimates and stick to its word. If its answers are vague, however, you may have less reason to trust its estimates.


How Much Does It Cost to Move, on Average?

Nationwide, professional movers charge about $800 to $1200. However, in McKinney, the average hourly rate of professional movers is about $128; overall, the total average cost of moving within McKinney is about $418, which includes all services.

How Long Before a Move Should I Contact a Moving Company?

It’s best to contact the moving companies you’re interested in hiring at least three months before you move and to book them at least a month or two before your moving date. Reputable companies are likely booking a month or so out.Curious whether movers are cheaper on weekdays in McKinney, Texas? We’ve got you covered–check out our latest post.