Knowing how long it takes movers to load a truck can help you plan your moving day. On average, it takes around one hour for two movers to load a ten-foot-long truck. That said, there are a lot of factors that can influence this time and there may be ways you can help your Carrollton movers work more efficiently.


Factors Influencing Move Times

How long it takes movers to load a truck depends on the size of the truck, the number of items you’re moving, the experience of the moving team, and the size and layout of your property.

Truck Size

The size of the truck is one of the main factors that influence how long it takes for movers to load a truck. Smaller trucks are easier to fill because they can only accommodate a limited number of items. On the other hand, if your move requires a large truck, you’ll need more time to fill it up.

For example, while a ten-foot-long truck takes an hour to load, a twenty-three-foot-long truck will take four to five hours.

Mover Experience

Practice makes perfect–this means experienced movers are usually faster than their inexperienced counterparts. Even if you’re moving a considerable number of items, experienced movers can load the truck in no time. This is because they know how to pack and arrange items properly, as well as how to maximize available space.

At North Dallas Moving and Storage, we hire movers who are properly trained so they can provide you with a smooth and efficient moving experience.

Number of Items to Be Moved

The number of items you’re moving also has a direct impact on how long it will take movers to load a truck. If you’re moving just a few items, it won’t take much time for your movers to load them, even if other factors make it more difficult to load the truck. On the other hand, if you’re moving a lot of items, it’ll take more time to load them.

It’s a good idea to make a list of all the items you’ll be moving so your movers can give you an accurate estimate of how long the loading process will take.

Type of Items to Be Moved

In addition to the number of items, the kinds of belongings you’re moving play a big part in loading times. If you’re moving bulky furniture like a couch or a bed, it’ll take more time to arrange them properly in the truck.

Similarly, if you’re moving fragile items such as a television or antique vase, more care will be needed and it’ll take more time to ensure those items are securely packed and won’t break in transit. On the other hand, if you’re only moving boxes of clothing and other small items, it won’t take much time at all to load them up.

Property Layout

The layout of your property can also contribute to how long it takes movers to load a truck. If you’re moving out of a small apartment, it shouldn’t take much time to load the truck as there won’t be many obstacles.

On the other hand, if you’re moving out of a multi-story property, it will take more time to move the items from each floor and load them onto the truck. This is especially true if your movers don’t have access to an elevator.

It’s also important to consider the layout of the surrounding area. For example, if your movers are forced to park their truck far away from a storage unit, it’ll take more time to load the truck as they’ll have to carry items a considerable distance.

You can help your movers speed up the process by organizing items into different rooms and pointing out what you want them to load first.

Property Size

Larger properties, such as offices and large residences, take longer to move than smaller ones. Here are some average truck loading times you can expect from your movers:

  • Three-bedroom house with four movers: four hours
  • Four-bedroom house with four movers: five hours
  • Five to eight-bedroom house with four movers: seven or more hours


How to Help Movers Load Items Quickly

There are several steps you can take to help your movers load items quickly.

First, if the movers aren’t providing supplies as part of your agreement, make sure you have everything on hand including boxes, tape, furniture blankets, and markers. Having these supplies ready will speed up the loading process as your movers won’t have to make multiple trips searching for materials.

Second, it’s important to provide clear instructions to your movers. Let them know which items you want to be loaded first or provide them with a list of items you need to move.

Third, the truck should be positioned as close to the entrance as possible to make sure there’s enough room for your movers to maneuver. Finally, make sure you’re around when the movers are loading the truck so you can answer any questions they might have.If you’re wondering if hiring movers without a moving truck will speed up your move, check out our post on whether you can hire movers without a truck.


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