Moving out of state? No sweat. Finding movers in McKinney, Texas is simple. Finding the right one for your long-distance move is a little bit trickier—but you’ve come to the right place. Long-distance moves are a balancing act between budgeting the right price and finding qualified movers who will care for your valuables as if they were their own. 

Long-distance moves are typically defined as any move over fifty miles from your current residence. Because these moves range between fifty and thousands of miles, the costs can range too based on a number of factors including:

  • The exact distance of your move
  • How large the move is
  • If you have items that require special packing and transportation 

If you are moving out of state from McKinney, here’s everything you need to know to budget and prepare for your long-distance move.


Cost Estimates for Long-Distance Moving

Travel fees, the size of your move, packing services, and the number of specialty items have a large impact on the cost of your long-distance move. Knowing what these costs can look like will help you prepare for your move and choose a moving company that can give you the most value for your dollars spent.


Travel Fees

Whether you’re moving fifty miles or 500 miles, it’s not cheap to move out of state. For you and your family, budget for fuel costs if you’re driving or plane tickets if you are flying. For your moving company, consider that in addition to any mileage or fuel costs, you are also paying for labor hours on top of that.

One way you can easily manage those labor costs is by working with North Dallas Moving and Storage (NDMS). Rather than charging by the hour, we charge a flat rate based on the information about the move. The price we bring you before you move is the same as you’ll pay once you’re settled in–no hidden fees, no surprises.


Move Size

The size of your move is calculated by how many bedrooms you’re moving and the distance you’re traveling. For example, a three-bedroom move for a distance of 250 miles ranges between $2,272 and $4,343. A four- or five-bedroom home ranges between $4,137 and $5,553 for the same distance. Naturally, the prices will increase the farther the distance. The more belongings you have, the more labor and transportation accommodations your movers will have to account for.


Specialty Items, Packing, and Other Add-Ons

Have a pool table, delicate antiques, or large appliances you need to move? You will need to include a specialty move within your move plan. Two Men and a Truck Movers in McKinney offer special services for shipping pianos, but the details for other specialty items are a little murkier. At NDMS, we offer a wide range of options for specialty items. We have the resources and experience to properly secure your fragile, large, or valuable items and bring them right to your door.

These services do tack on additional costs, but they are worth it. When it comes to expensive, fragile, or sentimental items, we know they are invaluable to you. Rather than risking them breaking or getting lost in transit, factor these items into your move plan.


How Much Does It Cost?

Long-distance moves are costly for good reason. The last thing you need to worry about during your monumental move is if your valuables are rattling around in the back of a van or are about to get lost in a shipping container. Paying for premium services pays you back in the best way: you have peace of mind, safe and secure belongings, and a seamless move.

The more items you move, the farther the distance, and the more accommodations needed for specialty items are all factors that will contribute to an increase in the final bill. Depending on the circumstances, you could budget between $4,000 and $14,000. Looking for a more precise estimate with no hidden fees? NDMS will assess your move and charge a flat rate for the entire process. You’ll have no surprise costs or extra labor hours to pay for because NDMS prides itself on transparency. If you want to budget your move accurately, contact us today.

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