Getting ready to create a budget for your move? Moving companies in Arlington, Texas offer a wide range of services and pricing depending on the size of your move and any other add-on services you would like to include. These services can include packing, cleaning, specialty items, and more. If you are moving long-distance, there are plenty of low-cost long-distance movers in Arlington as well, but those prices vary based on the factors listed above. 

Generally speaking, the further you move, the more you pay.

Rather than focus on the lowest price, we advise selecting a moving company based on “more bang for your buck.” This means finding a moving company that ticks all of your boxes, offers above-and-beyond service, and gives you the most quality for your dollar. North Dallas Moving and Storage (NDMS) provides a wide range of services of the highest quality for any move. With transparent pricing, flat rates, and top-notch expertise, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with your moving experience.

Regardless, you need to know how the costs break down.


What Goes Into the Cost of a Move

The factors that can impact the cost of moving include labor hours, the distance of the move, and the amount of specialty moving items. The majority of professional movers in Arlington will base their pricing on these factors.


Labor Hours

For larger moves (homes with three or more bedrooms), you will want a minimum of four movers to move your belongings in a timely manner. Two movers in Arlington typically cost between $85 and $110 per hour, just for the labor. If you are paying your moving company by the hour, double that number for four movers.

The cost of labor is usually where people are surprised or have to deal with unexpected costs. If something goes wrong during your move and your movers are needed for longer than you budgeted for, you still have to pay them for the extra time. At NDMS, our movers are paid a flat rate for the move, so no matter what unexpected issues come up, you don’t have to pay any additional costs.


Distance of Move

Long-distance moves cost more than short-distance moves. Longer movers incur more travel fees, shipping costs, and often specialty packing. A local move typically takes around three hours, which lowers costs incurred regarding mileage, travel fees, and labor hours. These moves typically cost about $400 for three hours.

Long distance? That’s where it gets more complicated. A long-distance move is generally any move that is more than fifty miles away from your current residence. Moving a three to five-bedroom home more than one hundred miles can cost you upwards of $8,000.


Specialty Move Items

Have a piano? Pool table? Grandfather clock? The list of items requiring specialty moving services is longer than you might expect. From washers and dryers to antique furniture, specialty items requiring extra care are common when moving a multi-bedroom home. Remember that the cost of specialty care moving is less than it would be to replace the item due to damages incurred by amateur or reckless movers.

Moving large appliances, pool tables, and pianos typically costs around $400 on top of your other moving fees. In fact, specialty items can cost as little as $150 or as much as $3,000 depending on the item and the distance covered.


The Bottom Line

If you’re moving from Arlington, don’t let the price of moving scare you. Professional moving companies will do their best to ensure every dollar you spend is worth it. At NDMS, we offer transparent, upfront, flat rates so you are never surprised by the final cost. 

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