When people think of the powerhouse cities in Texas, Dallas, Houston, and Austin typically spring to mind. While Irving is much lower in population compared to these three cities, it’s actually the economic powerhouse of North Texas. More than 10% of Fortune 500 companies have their global headquarters located in Irving and the unemployment rate in Irving is lower than the unemployment rate of the state of Texas!

If you aren’t moving to Irving for a boost in your career, you might be moving there for the culture. Just northwest of Dallas, Irving is home to a thriving cultural arts community, including vibrant outdoor installations, theater productions, and concerts. With endless possibilities in this beautiful city, it’s no wonder you’re looking for movers in Irving, Texas.

When you’re shopping around for movers, it doesn’t matter if it’s a short-distance move or a long-distance one—you need professionals to get the job done. Busy professionals and happy families tend to acquire many treasured belongings that hold both sentimental and monetary value. When those items go missing or get destroyed in the moving process, you’ll find having the right moving team is priceless. 



How Expensive Is Moving?

Moving to Irving is really only pricey if you aren’t getting what you paid for. Nothing is worse than paying a few random guys from TaskRabbit or hiring your nephews to help out, only for something to be dropped or damaged in the process. While it may have been cheaper to hire amateurs, professionals are licensed and insured for these exact situations. They have the expertise and the ability to cover any mishaps that may arise.

Paying for professional movers is money well-spent, but it’s typically more expensive than the other options we’ve mentioned. Full-service movers can run you between $799 to $2,321 for a local move for a two- or three-bedroom home. Moving from Houston to Irving? This could cost anywhere between $1,598 to $3,474. Moving to Irving from a longer distance, like Los Angelese or San Francisco? You could be looking at costs as high as $8,050, depending on your move.


Your Cost-Estimate: The Break Down

The exact cost of your move will depend on several factors, including the size of the move, the distance you’re moving, and whether you have specialty items that need to be moved. Let’s explore each of these factors to see how they can impact your moving budget.


Leave It to the Professionals

We all remember moving out as adults on our own for the first time–maybe our folks helped us out with packing, a cousin had a truck, and you could pay your buddies with pizza and beer for helping you move that big couch. Now, things have changed–our sweet parents are getting a little too gray for this work, and you learn you get what you pay for when you pay in pizza or pennies.

With professional movers, you realize moving can be an easy and luxurious experience. North Dallas Moving and Storage (NDMS) offers full-service moves, both local and long-distance. This means they create a customized moving plan for you, pack, ship, and transport your belongings, clean up your previous residence, and get you fully settled in at your new abode. 

The professionals at NDMS are all background-checked, licensed, and insured to give you the most secure moving experience. Amateur movers don’t typically offer valuation coverage or any claims management, but at NDMS, these are essential. Our customers boast that moving with us puts their belongings in good hands (literally). For long-distance moves, we even offer a feature where you can track your movers online 24/7. 


Long-Distance or Local?

Long-distance moves generally cost more than local moves. Some moving companies define a long-distance move as any move of more than fifty miles, but at NDMS, we define it as any move of more than 400 miles, giving you more flexibility. Long-distance moves factor in more substantial wear-and-tear on vehicles, fuel costs, potential lodging or shipping costs, and labor costs. Local moves are generally more straight-foward as these factors don’t usually apply.

A long-distance move for a two-to-three-bedroom home generally costs between $3,545 to $8,850 for full-service moving, but it depends on where you’re moving to. Local or in-state moves to Irving can cost between $1,598 to $3,474.


Room for One More?

Moving a two-bedroom home is much quicker and easier than moving a three-to-five-bedroom home. Account for travel times, how prepared you are the day of the move, and the layout of each home, and you might start to wrack up a hefty bill! 

Most movers in Irving charge by the hour, so if something comes up and you’re a little behind on packing and prep by the time your movers arrive, a move that was supposed to cost you $2,008 for eight hours of work is now ramped up to $3,012 if some items were difficult to get down the stairs or if movers had to wait for you to finish packing. At NDMS, we offer our services at a transparent flat rate, so you don’t pay more than you were expecting to.


Specialty Items

Specialty items are belongings that require specific precautions to safely move them. These can include flatscreen TVs, your perfectly-cultivated wine collection, your pool table, or your jet ski. Does your antique grandfather clock need a little extra help? Best to plan for it to be a specialty move item. These add-ons can increase your bill, so we recommend getting a quote from your moving company about these items ahead of time.


Moving Forward

The cost of moving to Irving is dependent on several factors, including the distance of your move, the size of the move, the team you hire, and if your move includes specialty items. Looking for more information about moving to Irving? Check out our post on what you need to know about moving to Irving, Texas!


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