Moving used to be so simple when we were younger—just find a friend with a pickup truck and buy them dinner. Now that we’ve settled into our homes, perhaps started a family, and have more disposable income, our houses are filled with way more than can be moved in an afternoon. 

A pickup truck isn’t going to cut it anymore. Below, we’ll talk about the costs of a moving truck, self-rental versus using a professional driver, and why it makes sense to let the professionals do the work. If you have more detailed questions, remember you can always use our moving cost calculator. 

What Is the Overall Cost of a Moving Truck?

We’ve all seen the sign on the side of a rental truck—just $19.99*—but that little asterisk takes that cost much higher, and $19.99 will get you the smallest trailer. A real moving truck will be far more. 

Most truck rental companies charge either a day rate or an hourly rate for in-town moves. If you’re wondering how much a long-distance move costs, you should know that renting your own truck can become quite costly when factoring in mileage, insurance, and damage waivers.

There are plenty of other hidden fees waiting around as well. Need a dolly? Upcharge. Need some moving blankets? Upcharge. Need an extra day because packing and loading took longer than expected? Upcharge. 

Lastly, one thing that doesn’t get talked about enough is the safety of driving a large moving van yourself. Most moving trucks are large enough that if they were carrying commercial freight they would require a commercial driver’s license to operate. Driving a family sedan or small pickup is a far cry from a twenty-six-foot moving van with eight tons on the rear axles. 

Insurance and damage waiver are so expensive because accidents are common. That’s not to say it can’t be done, but it requires a level of awareness and caution that many people are not accustomed to. 

Hiring a Moving Truck With Professional Driver

Outside of renting a truck yourself, the next option is to hire a professional to move your things. This option has costs that are dependent on two primary factors—how much is being moved and the distance it needs to go. 

The peace of mind that a professional moving company offers is priceless. Moving companies are typically required to be registered with the U.S. Dept. of Transportation, and along with these registration requirements come requirements for insurance, safety checks, and licensing. Any quality trucking company will be happy to discuss the limitations of their insurance policies with you and let you know the complete and total cost of your move upfront. 

The Next Step: Full-Service Moving

For those wondering how much a professional move costs, it’s shockingly reasonable. Full-service moving is when you let a reliable moving company, like NDMS, handle everything. A couple of days before the move date, they’ll set a time to come and pack your belongings. They’ll professionally wrap and package everything and ensure your largest and most expensive items are padded and secured. 

In Conclusion

Moving changes as you get older, but it doesn’t have to get more stressful. Especially for families with children, hiring a full-service moving company like NDMS makes sense both personally and financially and can take the stress out of any move!


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