Great weather, friendly people, and a good economy–these are just some of the things that are drawing people to set up roots in DTX. But before you go and pack up all of your things, it’s important to make a plan on how to move to Dallas, Texas

One of the most important things to consider here is the cost of the relocation. Hiring a moving company in Dallas averages between $350 to $2,000 based on the number of bedrooms in your household.


The Cost of Moving to Dallas, Texas

The cost of moving to Dallas, Texas is affected by many factors. These include:

  • Distance of the move
  • Amount of things that need to be transported
  • Timing of the move
  • Number of trucks 
  • Number of movers 
  • Accessibility of the moving locations
  • Extra services (e.g. packing, storage, etc. if not yet included)
  • Moving insurance
  • Materials needed

That said, you can expect to pay between $350 to $2,000 for a local move in Dallas, Texas. These prices are based on the size of your home:

    • One bedroom: $320 to $460
    • Two bedrooms: $550 to $800
    • Three bedrooms: $1,050 to $1,250
    • Four bedrooms: $1,400 to $2,000
  • Five bedrooms: More than $2,000

If you’re only renting a truck for your move, you may be able to save a few bucks. The base cost of a moving truck is $20 to $40, though you also have to factor in mileage fees and fuel. You can also rent a container van for storage at around $80 per month plus delivery fees, damage coverage, and parking costs.

For a convenient move, it’s best to hire a full-service moving company in Dallas like North Dallas Moving and Storage (NDMS). We can provide you with everything you need for your relocation, from packing to delivery (and even storage), and we can give you upfront fixed pricing so that you know how much you’ll be spending from the get-go.

How to Save on Moving to Dallas, Texas

Aside from the cost of hiring a moving company, other expenses constitute a relocation. You also have to pay for packing materials, moving permits (if needed), and other documents, among others. It can get expensive, but with adequate preparation and research, you can save a ton! Here are some tips to help you lessen your moving expenses:

Create a Budget

Determine a realistic number that you’re comfortable spending for your move. Check out free moving calculators that can give you a rough estimate to start with and research what much the specific circumstances of your move might look cost-wise. When you have a range in mind, it’ll be much easier to pick a moving company to hire later on.

Declutter before Moving

Load volume is one of the biggest factors that will affect the price of your move. So, before you pack, do some spring cleaning and throw out, donate, or sell the things you don’t need to bring to your new home.

Time Your Move

Moves are more expensive during the peak season of summer, as well as on weekends. Schedule your move on less hectic periods, like the spring or fall (or even wintertime, if you can bear the cold) on a weekday, to save a few bucks.

Save on Moving Supplies

The cost of moving supplies can rack up, so it’s best to be resourceful when looking for packing materials. Ask friends or neighbors who recently moved if they have leftover boxes and packing tape you can use. You can also go to retail stores to ask if they have spare containers.

Compare Quotes from Different Movers

The prices of movers will differ and you should compare quotes from multiple providers to find one that suits your budget. That said, be wary not to go with the lowest bidder. Remember to focus on value rather than cost.

Budget for Your Dallas, Texas Move With NDMS

An easy way to control your moving costs to Dallas, Texas is to hire a moving company that promises transparent pricing. NDMS offers upfront fixed pricing so that you know how much you’ll spend for your relocation early on and budget accordingly. Contact us to get a free quote for your move to Dallas, Texas today!

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