Moving across town is a snap—just one or two truckloads and a half or full day, and you’re done. Moving across the country or to the other side of a state, though, is no easy task and requires serious planning.

Today, we’ll discuss the factors you need to know to use a cost of moving calculator. We’ll also discuss why full-service movers can save you a lot of stress and offer tips to make your move more successful. 

What Factors Determine the Cost of a Move?

Many people wonder how to estimate moving costs. Some think the cost of a move is just the size of the truck and how far you’re going, but there are a variety of factors that have to be considered, especially for long-distance moves. 


While the size of the truck will factor into how much a moving truck costs, it isn’t the determining factor–what matters more is the weight. Driving a truck filled with styrofoam packing peanuts is going to use a lot less gas than a truck filled with your grandma’s heaviest oak heirloom furniture. Regardless of how much truck space you need, the weight most affects the cost. 


One thing people forget when calculating mileage charges is including the cost of a professional driver’s hourly rate. When it costs a certain amount to move your house from here to there, the moving company must then drive back to where they came from or find a location nearby to take the truck. 

When you receive your cost estimate for your move, you won’t be charged truck return fees separately, as they’ll likely be factored in as part of the mileage cost.


Just as the driver must be paid for their time, any loaders, packers, and office workers need to be paid for their time. While you typically won’t have separate line items for each person and their hours, labor will be factored into the total cost or listed as a single line item on your bill. 

Tips for Making Your Move Easier

Declutter Your Home

There’s no better time than a move to decide what to keep and what to toss. You’ll be saving yourself work moving and space in your new home. Fewer belongings to move means less time for loading and unloading, and less to worry about on arrival.

Break Down Furniture

Taking apart large furniture that can’t easily fit through doors will make moving much easier. Spend a little time up-front on this, and you’ll save yourself from struggling with moving heavy furniture through tight doors and halls or stairs. 

Full-Service Movers for Maximum Convenience

Rather than stressing out and attempting to stuff your belongings into boxes only to realize it’s a much bigger task than you initially thought, why not hire a full-service moving company?

The first thing the moving company will do is send an estimator to examine what needs to be moved so they can establish your costs. Next, a team of packers will arrive at your home and expertly pack all of your belongings. 

On moving day, loaders will arrive and load your belongings into the truck, making sure to balance out the weight and ensure that your most delicate items are secure. Once your truck arrives at the destination, they’ll unload everything for you into the rooms of your choice.

In Summary

When you’re planning a long distance move, a little preparation goes a long way. And remember, it might be worth the cost—both mental and financial—to let someone else take the reins–that’s where NDMS comes in! Contact us today for your free, no hidden-fee moving cost quote.