When figuring out how to hire movers in Denton, Texas, it’s inevitable to get into pricing. The cost of movers in Denton, Texas averages $200 an hour, with corporate moves ranging between $1450 and $5,000, depending on the size and location of the move. It’s good to know these prices beforehand so that you can set a budget and find ways to stick to it.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Local Movers in Denton, Texas

The price you pay for a commercial or office relocation to, from, and within Denton, Texas can be affected by the following factors:


If you’re only moving a small office, you won’t have to shell out a lot to hire a moving company. This is because a deciding factor of a relocation’s pricing is its load volume, which also determines the amount of packing to be done and the number of movers and vehicles needed for the job.


The farther the move, the more costly the project. Distance will incur fees for fuel consumption, toll fees, additional licenses, and extra staff expenses, like if they need to stay at a hotel to finish the task.


If you have a large office with a lot of furniture, you should expect to pay higher fees as labor is typically charged per person per hour, and you’ll need more manpower to transport your equipment. 


Moving in the peak season (spring and summer) will be more expensive because you’ll be competing with so many other people taking the opportunity to relocate. You can also expect to pay more during national holidays and weekends, so remember to consider the timing when scheduling your move.


If you’re moving to an office with no elevator, with narrow hallways, or on tight roads, you might have to pay extra fees to use special equipment or more manpower to be able to transport your goods.


Corporate movers may offer additional services that could address common challenges with relocating offices. Naturally, you’ll have to pay extra to avail of these services, which could include site preparation, IT relocation, and asset storage and management.

How to Save on the Cost of Movers

If you don’t have a large moving budget, you’ll need to find ways to save on some aspects of the move. Here are some tips to help you keep your expenses at bay:

Plan Properly

Creating a strategic moving to-do list can help you determine where you can cut costs. Start preparing for your relocation at least six months before you actually plan to leave; if you can, assign an in-office moving team to ensure that everything goes to plan.

Lessen the Load Volume

The less your load volume is, the cheaper your move will be. Leave behind what you don’t need in the new office. As much as possible, go through your inventory and declutter. You may even be able to sell some old things to help you fund new items for your next space.

Do Some of the Work

While entrusting the entire move to your moving company is convenient, it can be costly to avail of all their services. With proper planning, you can take on some of the tasks yourself with the help of your team. You can do all of the packing or help with the heavy lifting–this can save you a few bucks, and can even be a fun bonding activity!

North Dallas Moving and Storage: High-Value Local Movers in Denton

When hiring a moving company, you shouldn’t think about saving money as the most important factor–it’s best to determine the value you’re getting for every penny you spend. Hiring NDMS is a smart investment because you’re assured of top-notch service at a fair and reasonable price–this price will be transparent to you from the get-go so that you don’t have to worry about hidden fees.

NDMS has more than fifty years of moving experience, including office and commercial relocation, making us one of the best choices for a corporate move in Denton, Texas. Get in touch for a secure, efficient, and smooth relocation!