Getting help from movers can make any relocation much easier. They can help you do the heavy lifting (literally) so you can focus on the more important aspects of your move and simply enjoy the fresh start that a new home brings. But how do you know if you’re hiring movers that you can trust? It’s important to find a VIP moving company in Arlington, Texas like North Dallas Moving and Storage to ensure that your move is safe, efficient, and even enjoyable!


How to Hire Movers in Arlington, Texas

When you hire movers, you’re entrusting them to handle, package, and move your belongings for you, so it’s crucial that you hire a company that can promise experience-backed quality service. Here are some tips to help you hire the right moving company for you:

Get Recommendations

You probably have family or friends who have moved in the past. Get recommendations from them, asking for their experience with the movers they hired and maybe some tips on how to hire the best one for you. They may even be able to connect you to the moving company they used themselves!

Check for Experience

While you may save a few bucks by opting for new players, hiring an experienced moving company will give you extra peace of mind that your move will happen without a hitch. Movers like NDMS–which has more than fifty years of moving experience–will be more knowledgeable about the ins and outs of relocation, and they can better guide you through the process.

Ask About Pricing

The cost of movers in Arlington, Texas may vary significantly, and this is likely because some movers don’t provide transparent pricing from the get-go. Their rates might seem affordable at the start, but once those hidden fees come out, you’ll find yourself paying way more than you expected. Look for a reliable mover like NDMS that promises fair and transparent pricing so that you can always stay on budget.

Ask About Their Staff

Movers will have access to your home and your belongings, so you want to make sure that you’re working with trustworthy people. Check how the moving company vets its staff; if it does background checks and provides special training to its movers as NDMS does, then it’s a good choice.

Look for Licenses and Insurance Policies

Opt for moving companies like NDMS that have the proper licenses and insurance policies in place. These extra safeguards will guarantee the protection of your belongings as they’re handled, stored, and transported on your move. 

Questions to Ask Potential Movers

Once you have a list of potential movers, it’s time to narrow down your choices by asking them questions specific to your move. Here are some queries that you can bring up:

What Services Do You Offer?

Some movers offer only transport, while others can give a full range of services. Ask them what they can do for you so you can find a mover that can do everything you need. 

How Long Will the Move Be?

Local moves may take just a day but long-distance relocation can go for over a week. A good mover should be able to give you an estimated time frame or even a guaranteed delivery date. You may want to ask if it offers shipment tracking, too.

How Do You Handle Damages and Loss?

Accidents can happen during any move, so you’ll want to hire a company that offers coverage for any liabilities of the sort. Check if its policies for damages and loss work for you.

Do You Have Experience Packing and Transporting Specialty Items?

If you have items that need extra care during the move, find a moving company that has experience in handling similar things. For example, green thumbs often wonder if moving companies move plants in Arlington, Texas, because they’d like to bring their plants to their new place. You can ask the same for other fragile items, like art.

Do You Provide Storage?

For moves that have large gaps between move-out and move-in dates, you’ll need a place to store your belongings. Some moving companies provide this service, so if the situation applies to you, hire a company that offers it such as NDMS.

North Dallas Moving and Storage: Experienced Movers in Arlington, Texas

NDMS is one of the best movers in Arlington, Texas. Thanks to more than fifty years of experience, trustworthy and dependable staff, and fair and transparent pricing, we can guarantee a safe, efficient, and pleasurable move-in experience. Get in touch with NDMS today to get your move on!


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