Located in Dallas County, Highland Park is known for its beautiful homes, tree-lined streets, and upscale shopping centers. In fact, it’s one of the most affluent cities in the entire country, with an average household income of $218,611. 

Maybe one day, you’ll be researching where to move out of Highland Park, Texas and steps to move out of Highland Park, Texas, but for now, you’re ready to move there. It’s always best to hire professional local movers in Highland Park, Texas for this kind of move, but here are some steps that will help make the overall moving process easier.


Research the Area and Find a Place to Live

Two ways of finding properties in Highland Park are using websites like Zillow and Craigslist, and talking to a realtor. It’s also essential to physically visit a property before renting or buying so you can spot any non-negotiable problems. 

Create a Timeline

Preparing for your move by creating a timeline can help you stay on track and avoid getting overwhelmed by the process. You can create an effective timeline along the following lines:

  • Two months before the moving date: Start purging your belongings a couple of months before your move date. Take a look at all your household items and get rid of the unwanted ones.
  • One month before the moving date: Decide how you will transport your belongings to Highland Park. Talk to local moving companies like NDMS to see how they can help! Now is also the time to purchase essential packing supplies like boxes, markers, tape, and bubble wrap. In addition, notify your current landlord that you’ll be moving out.
  • Two weeks before moving: Make necessary notifications so utilities can be turned off and begin the packing process. When it comes to packing, go room by room, label the contents of each box, and make sure fragile items have lots of padding. Reliable movers can also help with this process or take care of it completely.

Make a Budget

As you’re creating a timeline for your move, pay attention to your budget. Moving costs vary greatly, depending on the distance you are moving, but here are some moving expenses that can help you estimate your budget:

  • Packing supplies: $50 to $100
  • Moving truck rental: $20 to $100 per day
  • Fuel cost: $2.89 per gallon 
  • Cleaning services: $25 to $80 per hour
  • Hidden costs (damages, tips, meals, etc.): $50

Renting a moving truck and loading it properly is probably the trickiest part of moving by yourself. When choosing a truck or trailer, consider its size and weight capacity, because both will impact how much stuff you can fit in there. 

Ten-foot trucks are typically suitable for small houses, while twenty-six foot trucks are better suited for larger properties. Unfortunately, renting a moving truck and transporting your items yourself come with a number of disadvantages, including: 

  • Risk of damaging your items due to improper packing or driving 
  • Difficulty navigating the roads 
  • Increased costs because of multiple trips

Opt for Professionals Instead

To avoid these hassles, we recommend hiring professional movers like those at NDMS. We can help you pack, load, transport, and unpack your belongings safely and efficiently, which will take the burden of moving off your shoulders and allow you to attend to more important matters when moving to Highland Park, like getting settled in your new home!


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