Packing and moving fragile items requires planning and precision. Poorly-packed glass and other delicate belongings can lead to breakages during moving, which can be especially heartbreaking if the items are of sentimental value. 

Therefore, it is important to understand how to pack these items properly. It isn’t simply about having enough padding–there are many factors that would-be movers may not consider. For those looking for professional help to make everything go more smoothly, they can choose a Westlake moving company to assist them. 


Choosing the Right Materials

When it comes to getting boxes for moving in Westlake, Texas, the first task when planning a move is finding the right box. A medium-sized, sturdy box is perfect. If a box is too large, it can quickly become too heavy to move. 

Packing dishes requires a lot of packing paper, but it doesn’t have to be specialized paper–any newspaper will suffice. Depending on how fragile the items are, it’s also a good idea to have a few rolls of bubble wrap on hand. 

Finally, packing tape is an absolute must. Finding a packing tape dispenser with a handle is a huge timesaver and worth every penny. 


The Art of Packing Dishes and Glassware

When it comes to glass and ceramic, the quality of packing is more important than the quantity of items in a box. It isn’t about how much can be stuffed into each box, it is about moving items safely.

Begin the process by crumpling up packing paper or newspaper and throwing it in the bottom of the box. Don’t crush the paper into a tight ball; aim for the size of a softball. The goal is to provide a three- or four-inch cushion at the bottom of the box. This will become one or two inches after the weight of the dishes is placed on top. 

Unlike storing plates or bowls in a cabinet, you do not want to stack dishes in a moving box. They should be packed vertically, much like vinyl records stored on a shelf. This limits the weight on the lowest plates and dishes, and will help prevent cracking. 

Next, crumple up some paper and place it to the sides of the box. Place a plate in the box vertically, and lay it against your wall of crumpled paper. Now, place a few uncrumpled layers of paper between each dish. 

After every few plates, check the weight of the box. If it starts getting heavy, crumple some extra paper on the sides and top, tape it up and grab another box. It is critical that the weight of the box is in the center.  

Cups and glasses should be filled with crumpled paper and wrapped with one or two layers of paper. Place plenty of extra crumpled paper between them while making sure the weight is in the center of the box.  

For the most fragile items, such as wine glasses or fine china, bubble wrap should be used. Use more than you think you need, and be sure there is plenty of crumpled paper around each item. Don’t hesitate to pack just one or two items per box to ensure they arrive safely. 

Finally, boxes holding fragile items should be placed at the top of the stack in the moving truck and marked as ‘fragile.’ Ensure that boxes holding fragile items are surrounded by other boxes and that all boxes are secured–this will prevent the stack from toppling over if the truck hits a bump in the road or must brake suddenly.


Skip the Packing and Go Full-Service

If all of this sounds like a lot of work, hiring a full-service mover, such as North Dallas Moving and Storage, can make life much easier. We will send an estimator to your house to provide a no-obligation quote that is guaranteed. 

With NDMS, you won’t need to worry about things like how to pack clothes for moving. We’ll pack all of your items with care and precision to make sure they arrive at your destination safe and sound!