Special care needs to be taken when moving electronics as these items tend to be delicate and can be damaged easily. If possible, pack electronic equipment in their original boxes and packaging. If you don’t have this, remove all the cords and cables and use extra-sturdy cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, foam peanuts, and strong packing tape for each item.



Supplies Needed for Packing Electronics

When you choose Mesquite movers, we can provide packing materials to keep your electronics safe. The boxes should be a size that is big enough to fit each item, and you will need foam peanuts and crumpled packing paper to fill empty spaces so nothing shifts during the move. 

In addition, make sure you have strong, zip-lock plastic bags and a permanent marker!


Moving Electronics When You Don’t Have Original Packaging

It’s always best to move smaller pieces of electronic equipment in the box and pre-formed packaging they came in. However, this is not always possible. Either way, take your time and pack your stereo systems, computers, and other delicate electronic equipment the right way to minimize the chance of them being damaged.

Work piece by piece. Start by removing any batteries and ejecting any DVDs, ink cartridges, or albums that might still be inside the equipment. If you’re not particularly tech-savvy, take pictures of how the cables are connected before disconnecting so you know how to reassemble them. Another trick is to put matching colored stickers on the cables and sockets where they need to be connected.

Place loose items (e.g., chargers, remote control devices, cables, etc.) that go with each piece of electronic equipment into a separate plastic bag and label the bag with the name of the equipment.

Wrap each item with bubble wrap. Put some extra cushioning (e.g. foam peanuts, crumbled packing paper) in the bottom of the box. Place each item in its own box (you don’t want them banging into each other during the move). Fill any empty areas inside the box with more peanuts or crumbled packing paper (not newspaper that can scratch screens). 

Each electronic item should fit snugly so it won’t move around while being lifted by movers or transported in the back of a truck. Make sure the seams of each box are tightly sealed with plenty of packing tape. Label the boxes in permanent marker with what is inside, add the words ‘Fragile’ or ‘Handle With Care,’ and note what room you want it to go to in your new home.

If you are packing a computer, back up the hard drive on an external hard drive and/or on the cloud beforehand. Make sure you have strong passwords on your accounts to protect sensitive personal information. Vacuum the inside of desktop computers before they go into a box to keep dust from resettling and interfering with the hardware. Do not use foam peanuts in a computer box because they can create static electricity which can wreak havoc with your machine.

Electronics are sensitive to temperature. Check that the moving truck and any storage facility where your electronics might be temporarily kept are temperature-controlled. Gather user manuals and keep them in a safe place in case you need to refer to them when setting up your new home.

Due to the delicate nature of electronics, it’s also a good idea to purchase insurance for your move just in case. Ask your movers what type of coverage they offer. Some homeowners also like to drop tracking devices into the boxes with valuable items so they are easier to find if they are misplaced.

Talk to NDMS about doing the packing for you. We have decades of experience with fragile item-moving in Mesquite, Texas and large-item moving in Mesquite, Texas. NDMS can expertly pack up your entire home (including fragile electronics) and give you a guaranteed price with no hidden last-minute charges.


Let’s Get You Home!

If you don’t already have them, purchase some power strips with surge protection before setting up your electronics. Unpack boxes one at a time and make sure you have the matching bags and accessories nearby.

Ready to get started on your next move? NDMS has your back–reach out for your moving cost estimate today!


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