There is nothing easy about moving. When you add a newborn baby into the mix, the challenges of moving increase even more. Fortunately, there are things parents can do to ease the struggle. The key to a stress-free move is developing a plan that includes the newborn and sticking to an organized schedule. 

Stated by Dallas long distance movers, there are times when the baby’s schedule might interfere with your moving schedule. If you are unable to do everything as planned, that is okay. There will be moments when flexibility is necessary because everyone’s health and well-being is necessary to keep the stress-free move happening. 


Is it Safe to Move with a Baby?

In general, moving with a baby is perfectly safe. They are just small people after all. For babies, the only stress can be the disruption of their daily routines. They are too small to develop any emotional or psychological attachments to their homes – they just need to be around their mothers at the earliest developmental stages. 


How Does Moving Affect the Baby? 

  • Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers tend to thrive with predictable routines. 
  • When routines are disrupted, these can make babies anxious. 
  • For babies, the stress of moving is directly related to a disruption in routine, and there is no emotional or psychological element involved.


What to Expect When Moving with a Newborn

Of all ages, moving with a newborn is the easiest. They will eat and sleep anywhere, and at the newborn stage, they take up very little space. But, as they get older and more mobile, they need space to move. Mobile babies become frustrated when they are unable to flex their muscles. 

When moving with a baby, there are two major issues to consider. The first is maintaining their sleeping and eating schedules. The second is moving their gear, like their cribs, changing tables, and more. If you know you are moving, it might be best to only buy a minimal amount of things you need now, rather than stocking up on everything you need in the first year. To meet the baby’s sleeping and feeding schedule, you might find some aspects of prepping for the move take longer than you expected. 


moving cross country with a baby


How Do you Move with a Newborn Baby?

There are several planning stages that need to take place before you actually move. Organizing what needs to be done will help you navigate bumps along the way. 

Before the Move

Keep in mind that as you move through each step, your baby’s needs might begin to change. It is wise to get as much done as possible before your baby becomes mobile. 

Strategize the Planning and Packing

These steps involve organizing and packing non-essential items. Make a to-do list and review it as you accomplish small goals. You should include these steps:

  • Prepare your moving budget
  • Create a timeline
  • Pack you and your baby’s unessential items first
  • Organize a travel supply box with your baby’s needs, like diapers, wipes, feeding supplies, a travel gear, and a portable crib. 

Pack the Baby’s Crib and Prepare for Moving 

Before you disassemble the crib, you should take the time to clean and sanitize it. Then, disassemble it using the manufacturer’s instructions. If the crib has several parts, there is nothing wrong with labeling them so reassembling it is easy. Put the screws and other hardware into separate bags and clearly label those, too. 

Wrap the mattress in plastic to prevent bugs from getting into it. Then, pack the soft items like blankets, sheets, and playthings into one box. Don’t forget to label it. 

Get Help

If you have friends and family around, do not be afraid to ask them for help. If your baby is already enrolled at a child-care center, don’t hesitate to drop her off so you can get work done – especially if you have already paid for care. Professional cross country movers can also help ease the process. 

Stick to a Routine

Many babies thrive on regular routines. Keeping that is more important than getting everything on your to-do list done. You also need to take care of yourself, so if a nap is needed, take one while your baby is napping. However, if you are feeling good, you can get a lot of work done while your baby naps. 

It is important to let your pediatrician know your plans for moving. You will need to gather medical records from the office, and your pediatrician will most likely have good advice for moving with a young baby. They may also have recommendations on finding a new pediatrician’s office near your new home. 


During the Move

Along the way, you should have been preparing for the process, so you are ready for this day and the days ahead. If possible, you should consider hiring a cleaning company to give your new house a thorough clean so you can focus on unpacking rather than housekeeping activities. 

how to move long distance with a babyPack Your Essentials

Pack the essentials as if you are going on a vacation. Have the necessities and plan for unexpected events. 

Focus on the Baby

You need to get a good night of sleep so you can be ready for all that comes your way on moving day. Prior to the day, have a punch list of things you need to do so you are not overwhelmed trying to remember everything. 

Rely on Your Movers

If you’ve done your job and hired reliable long distance movers, they should be able to take over for the day. Let them pack and move the big items, so you can take care of your baby. 


After the Move

This might be the toughest part of the event, as you have to take care of the baby and get those boxes unpacked. Let your movers help you in as many ways as possible. 

Setup Baby’s Room First

One of the first things you should do is get your baby’s room set up, especially the crib. This way, you can focus on other things while the baby naps. 

Create a Schedule

Unpacking can be overwhelming. To manage your time, create a schedule. This will allow you to see progress, manage your time, and stay rested – because you still have to take care of your baby and yourself.


Moving cross country with a newborn is stressful but this can also be exciting. With great planning and hiring a great moving company, moving with a newborn into your new home will be a lesser burden to you.

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