A long-distance move certainly isn’t cheap. Distance charges, man hours, and vehicle costs can really add up, so most people undertaking a big move will seek to save money any way they can. 

One fantastic way to save money is by working with a long-distance moving company in Dallas that provides a full-price quote upfront so there are no surprises on moving day. Here are a few other tips to help save some cash:


Choose the Moving Date Wisely

The beginning and end of the month are the most expensive times to move. Demand skyrockets during these times, and prices rise accordingly. Similarly, any time children are not in school, such as the summer holidays or the end of a semester, can also be a hectic time to move.

Avoiding these times can be difficult–after all, there’s a reason they are the peak moving periods–but if you can swing it, it can help to save money as well as the stress of trying to find a mover who isn’t already booked. Aim to schedule the move on a weekday, preferably in the fall or spring. 

For those with children, moving during peak times may be unavoidable. In situations like this, the best alternative is to book the move as far out as possible. Another upside of planning far in advance is that many companies offer early booking discounts. 

Downsize Where Possible

Closets full of unworn clothes, garages full of unused tools, and boxes of paperwork we thought we might need someday are the things that make a long-distance move more stressful and tedious than necessary. Take stock of your household items and decide what is worth keeping and what can be sold or given away. 

Garage sales are a great method of getting rid of items that are ready for a second life. When items don’t get sold, it may be time to donate them or give them away to friends and family.

When it comes to the more expensive items, consider selling them on places such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Eliminating unnecessary items not only reduces moving costs but also provides extra funds for the moving expenses. 

Find Free Packing Supplies

Packaging and packing supplies aren’t cheap. The cost of boxes and tape can easily add up. After a big move, many people have a lot of boxes they are unlikely to use again. 

Consider asking friends for unused boxes and packing supplies. Additionally, local retailers may have leftover boxes they’d be happy to let you take. Many stores receive shipments in sturdy cardboard boxes that are perfect for moving. 

Look For Bundling Services

One of the best ways to move long-distance is to hire full-service movers. Barely having to lift a finger isn’t just about less work–it can actually save you money. Many movers will offer significant discounts when you sign up for packing services to go along with a full long-distance move. 

Furthermore, sometimes, your lease is up or your house is sold before your next location is ready for you to move in. Moving companies may offer short- or long-term storage while you wait to move into your dream home. Bundling packing and storage services together can often provide great discounts to overall moving costs. 

Moving Long-Distance? NDMS Has You Covered

North Dallas Moving and Storage has been successfully moving individuals and families to and from the Dallas area for more than five decades. We offer full-service moving solutions to handle every aspect of your relocation, from initial planning to final unloading. 

After reaching out to us, one of our professional moving estimators will visit your home. They’ll take a full inventory of all of your items and gather information about your destination. 

With all of this information, our estimator will provide you with a single, all-in quote that won’t change–this means there are never any hidden fees. Give us a call today, and see what NDMS can do to make your long-distance move as stress-free as possible!


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