Moving can be one of the most expensive milestones in someone’s life. As you prepare to move out of Highland Park, you may find a lot of surprise costs or that inflation has changed your expected budget more than you expected. You’re not alone–since the global pandemic, there has been an increase in people changing their permanent and temporary addresses. According to an article by Forbes, costs are only going up, as moving in July 2021 was 15% more expensive than the year before. So, how can you financially prepare for your big move?

Budgeting Your Move

Whether you need help relocating to Highland Park, Texas or out of it, your budgeting process will remain the same. Due to increased costs in moving expenses and inflation, your budget from previous moves likely will not suffice. The first step in budgeting is to work with a moving company in Highland Park, Texas at least sixty days before your move. This will give you time to thoughtfully plan so you won’t have any surprise costs, and you can start even before the two-month mark.

We recommend a moving company either from the area you’re moving out of or the one you’re moving to. Local, professional movers like NDMS will be more familiar with your area and needs, making it a worthwhile investment and more accurate. 

Know the Full Cost of Your Move

Hiring movers can be expensive, but it’s a cost worth saving for. Professional movers, like North Dallas Moving and Storage, offer insured, expert moves for your valuables and belongings. Enlisting friends is cheaper, but often comes with unexpected costs. If you or a friend damages or loses an item during the move, you foot the bill. Professional movers have the materials and experience to lower risk of damage or loss, and in the rare event something is damaged, it is insured. This saves you money in the long run.

When you work with professional, local movers, you can create an accurate budget. A representative can meet you in your home to create an estimated cost for your move. Professionals have a thorough understanding of these costs, giving you the most accurate budget.

Examine Specialty Items

Something to consider when moving out of state from Highland Park, Texas is that you may need to pay more for specialty items to be packed and transported. Specialty items are large or delicate items that require specialty packing and moving. These can increase costs in your budget considerably. Common items include: large appliances, flat screen TVs, boats, pianos, and more.

When working with professional movers, ask about what items will require specialty moving during your estimate. Then, consider which items you may want to sell instead of moving. Many people opt to sell their large appliances to the new homeowners. If your appliances may need to be updated or repaired in the future, it may be worthwhile to sell your appliances to the incoming tenants.

Manage Your Bills and Services in Advance

By planning ahead, you can save money in other ways. Contact your phone, cable, internet, and other utility providers to set a discontinuation date. This will prevent you from paying for services after you have already moved out.

You can also plan your move for a weekday or in an off season for moving. Weekend, spring, and summer moves are more in-demand, and are often more expensive. Moving on an off day or off season will have lower demand for movers and save you money.

Moving can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be. By planning ahead and working with professionals like those at NDMS, you can develop an accurate budget. You’ll minimize risk for surprise costs when working with experts and can creatively plan your move to save you money and time!