Moving to a new city or state is an exciting but daunting experience. There is a lot of planning and preparation involved. The farther you move, the longer your to-do list will get. Part of the to-do list is figuring out how to move a car across country.

After planning for all logistics, from transporting your furniture to reconnecting your Wi-Fi, do you have a plan in place for how to move your car across the country? Not many plan ahead for how their car will get to their new city and the task could seem overwhelming at first. But with the right plan in place, you and your car can arrive safely at your new home with ease. 

Here are some helpful tips on what options are available to you when you want to move your vehicle long-distance. 


Drive Yourself

The most straightforward way to transport your car across the country is to drive it yourself. This option is the best money-saver for people looking to transport their cars long-distance.  

When you drive, you are guaranteed to save money on plane tickets and auto transportation companies — it might even give you an opportunity to enjoy the company of your family on a long-distance road trip. Be warned, though: this option has its cons as well. Consider the fact that you will be adding a significant number of miles on your vehicle, increasing wear and tear. You should consider future car maintenance, the cost of gas, as well as the physical toll that long hours of driving can take on your body.  

Some people opt for flying so they can move their belongings to their new home first and fly back to get their car. Others choose to drive their car along with their belongings in one trip. Whichever you choose, remember to make frequent stops to combat fatigue and stay alert on the road.  


Ask a Friend or Family Member To Drive for You

According to Plano moving services, one of the best options to save you money when you need to transport your car across the country is asking a friend or a family member for help. They can reduce the physical burden of long-distance driving on your health and free your mind to focus on the rest of your moving plan. 

Make sure you choose someone who is a careful driver and who is used to driving long distances. Offer to pay them for their time and effort as a thank-you gesture, and make sure to cover the expense of their flight back home. Agree with them beforehand on the amount you can afford to pay and how and when you will pay them. This could also be a bonding opportunity for friends or family members, with whom you will share hours on the open road. 

A good place to start before choosing this option is to check the insurance of both your car and your driver to make sure you will be covered in an accident. 

Hire a Professional Driver

For a more personal approach, you can choose to hire a professional driver who specializes in long-distance driving. This option will increase the chances of your vehicle arriving safely and make the process a little more personalized. It’s a great pick for those who worry about damage to their car if it’s transported on the back of a trailer. 

Do your research beforehand. Check reviews to make sure the service is legitimate; ask questions about the drivers’ screening process and licenses. If you want your car delivered by a specific time and date, expect to pay more. Because of the convenience of this option, professional drivers will often charge you more than if you have hired an auto transportation service.


Leverage a Vehicle Transport Service

Hiring an auto transportation company remains one of the most popular options for moving your car across the country. This option is cheaper than hiring a professional driver, it will not add miles to your car, and will spare you the physical effort. 

Auto transport services move cars either in an open-air trailer or an enclosed truck. Ask about how your car will be transported, as many fear their vehicle will suffer damage from bouncing or weather on the back of an open trailer. Be aware, however, that choosing an enclosed option will often increase the price. Other cost factors include the size of your car and the distance traveled. 

You can also choose to transport your car by train. The Amtrak Auto Train offers vehicle moving services for cars, SUVs, and motorcycles. Services are offered on the East Coast between Washington, D.C., and Orlando, Florida. 

You will also need to check if the auto transport company will deliver your vehicle to your door or to another location where you will have to pick it up. 


Choose the Easiest Way To Move Your Car

While the task of moving across the country might seem complicated, how to move a car across country doesn’t have to be. You have a wide array of options to choose from. Each option has its pros and cons, and it is up to you to decide which solution fits your needs and budget the best. Moving your car doesn’t need to spoil the fun of moving to a new city. 

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