North Dallas Moving and Storage (NDMS) is a local moving company in Arlington that specializes in all types of relocation services, including small office moves, home moves, commercial, and industrial transportation services.

Industrial relocation is the process of moving a company’s physical assets and equipment from one location to another. These types of moves occur when a company needs to expand into a greater space, or is looking to downsize or downscale their industrial operations. 

As nationwide movers in Arlington, we have provided industrial moving services to many clients in this field for over twenty years. With all of our experience, we know what is required in order to carry out this type of move safely and efficiently. Our trained staff is knowledgeable in this field, providing you with premium industrial moving services.

When considering an industrial move, you should take into careful account the following factors.


Planning and Preparation

Planning and preparation are key if you are considering an industrial move. The first plan your moving team needs to make is mapping the route your equipment will travel. Safety should be a priority, especially when transporting sophisticated machinery. Your customized move plan should include a plan for receiving and unloading the equipment.

If this is not done, there can be dangerous implications given the nature of industrial machinery needing to be set up correctly and not be sat idle. Environmental, safety, and regulatory requirements will also dictate how machinery should be transported and what should be considered during this process. At NDMS, we understand the importance of the planning stages for any type of complex relocations.


Staff and Vehicles

For industrial moves to be carried out efficiently, there must be a team available who is capable of making this happen. Staff at NDMS are trained in many different areas, with those in our industrial team having been trained to carry out these complex moving services. Safety and efficiency are at the core of our work.

The vehicles we use for industrial moves are also carefully selected for their ability to undertake industrial moves. Our fleet is regularly maintained and of the highest caliber, meaning our vehicles can handle heavy loads of complex industrial machinery and equipment.



Safety is critical for industrial relocation, given the potential size and weight of the equipment to be handled. The equipment is often temperamental and complex, and needs to be handled with extreme care. We train our staff thoroughly in moving and relocating industrial equipment. This ensures that all the necessary machinery and safety equipment is used to transport such items, along with providing the right vehicles. 

There are strict laws in place with regard to the transportation of industrial goods. To ensure your move is in line with state and federal regulations, we conduct thorough risk assessments to provide top-quality services. We understand the importance of these risk assessments and we make sure they are done with extreme care and attention to every little detail. 


Plan Your Move With NDMS

The transportation of industrial cargo requires expert planning and execution. At NDMS, we plan for all the correct procedures to be carried out in terms of safety with the right staff, vehicles, and equipment. Industrial moves have several moving pieces, ones that we manage with our expertise to ensure a successful move.

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs if you have an upcoming industrial move or if you are looking for corporate relocation movers in Arlington, Texas. We’ll be delighted to give you a free quote today and get started on your customized plan!