Moving between states can be a monumental task. There are countless reasons why one would need to move out of state—care for a loved one, work relocation, or simply for a new change of pace. Whatever the reason, you’re likely up to your neck in planning. You’ve probably filtered through numerous ads for residential and commercial movers in Frisco, but aren’t sure when to reach out or what to look for.

This guide is the jumping-off point you need. Moving out of state takes planning, and we’ll show you where to start. With the right research and a professional moving team, moving out of state does not have to be difficult or complicated. 

Moving Out of State: The Survival Guide

When you move out of state, it can feel like you’re moving to a new country. Your community changes, the cost of living is different, and there’s so much to familiarize yourself with. Moving out of Frisco, Texas is just as challenging as anywhere else. 

Where do you begin? Start by researching your new location and finish by putting your move into action by hiring a local home moving service in Frisco.

Visit Your New City

When you know where you’re relocating, go for a visit. Everyone moving with you should come if they can. If they can’t, take pictures. Visit more than the home you’re moving into—check out local restaurants and find the closest schools and grocery stores. Think about where you’ll stop for coffee on your commute to work. By mapping out what life will look like in your new home, you will start to feel more comfortable and build a routine–this will make your first month in your new city so much easier.

If you cannot visit in person, Google Street View allows you to virtually ‘walk around’ your neighborhood. Streets will be more than names and numbers when you take the time to check out your new community.

Research Schools

If you have school-aged children, you want the best education for them. If you haven’t searched for a house yet, look up schools in the neighborhoods you’re interested in. SchoolDigger, GreatSchools, and Niche are websites that offer detailed reviews for both private and public schools around the country. Run your commute through a mapping website, such as Google Maps, to evaluate the commute to each school.

You also need to reach out to the schools your children currently attend prior to your move. When you begin the enrollment process at the new school, request a transfer of their records from the current school and notify the school of the upcoming move. Common documents needed for a new school are letters of recommendation from teachers, medical records (including allergy medications or medications administered during school hours), and any required immunization records.

Calculate Cost of Living Changes and Taxes

Depending on where you move to, your cost of living will either increase or decrease. Frisco ranks at an overall cost of living of 120.5, which is higher than the U.S. average of 100. However, the median home cost in Frisco is lower than in most parts of the U.S. If you’re already worried because your new home was pricier than in Frisco, just know that’s likely the most significant adjustment to the cost of living you’ll see.

Budget for changes in tax assessments. For the first year of your move, plan to pay taxes in two states. Paying taxes in the new state will help you establish residency. Research if your new state has an income tax and when you will need to pay property taxes, which vary from state to state.

Budget Your Move

The bigger your home, the bigger the move. You will want to secure local moving company quotes in Frisco at least two months before your move. If you are moving for work, check if your employer offers relocation assistance.

For long-distance moves, we recommend working with movers with experience moving large homes long distances. If your current home has three or more bedrooms, there’s a good chance you also have items that require specialty moves. These items include large appliances, vehicles, pool tables, and wine or liquor collections. Companies such as North Dallas Moving and Storage (NDMS) are experts in long-distance moves that require special care and attention.

We’d also recommend choosing a company that also offers storage options. Not every long-distance move can successfully move your entire life in one go. Rather than split your items up and pay separately for storage, moving, and shipping, opt for a company that includes all of these services. NDMS does not charge by the hour, but rather by the move. With transparent pricing and no hidden fees, you’ll have an accurate budget for your move.

In Summary

Moving out of state is hard if you don’t prepare properly; if you’re reading this, you’re already ahead of the game. NDMS offers comprehensive moving plans that go beyond transporting your belongings. We can help you transfer utilities, process a change of address, and more. Moving between states is easy with NDMS!