Moving large objects requires extra manpower, special equipment, the removal of any contents, dismantling and wrapping the pieces, and clearing a pathway for the movers to safely carry items that they often can’t see around.

Large items that weigh 250 pounds or more are also categorized as heavy items. This can include large appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines, furniture that contains built-in granite or other stone, a piano or organ, large safes, oversized hardwood furniture, bed frames, commercial-grade gym equipment such as a treadmill or multi-station unit, pool table, storage shed, and dressers.



Special Considerations for Large Items That Need to Be Moved

Movers in Mesquite, Texas from North Dallas Moving and Storage have the experience and tools needed to handle an entire residential or commercial move, including any large items. Here are some of the tactics we might use for oversized pieces of furniture or other belongings:

Empty the Contents

If there are any shelves or drawers in a large piece of furniture, you should empty them beforehand and pack the contents in boxes. Alternatively, NDMS can handle this task for you, as well. 

Remove shelves and drawers that aren’t permanently attached need to be removed because they can wobble or slide out during a move. This will also help lighten the load so the large item can be moved more easily.

Take Them Apart

Many large pieces of furniture can be taken apart. Professional movers will disassemble chairs, tables, desks, and bookshelves into smaller pieces that can be better managed. 

This will help reduce the size and weight of your larger items, and it will also make the individual pieces easier to wrap for extra protection during your move. Some large pieces will still need to be carried on their side and rotated around corners and small or tight spaces so they can get through.

Make Them Secure

Movers use blankets, bubble wrap, stretch wrap, or wide straps to keep doors shut (i.e. a refrigerator) and pieces together that need to be reassembled later. Large flat-screen televisions require extra care, too, especially if you don’t have their original boxes and packaging.

Wrapping and tying up large pieces is a way to make sure they are better protected and don’t get separated when moving from place to place.

Make a Path

Boxes pile up everywhere during a move, no matter how organized or careful you are–but you need to clear the way for large pieces of furniture as they are carried out of the house. The same needs to be done in your new home for when the truck is unloaded. Movers may also need to cover or remove some molding or doors so a larger item can squeak through the opening.

Don’t leave any loose items on the floor and make sure your pets are out of the house on moving day. This is especially important when stairs are involved because they make moving large items more challenging.

If it snowed recently, remember to shovel ahead of your move. If there are lawn ornaments, garden tools, kids’ bikes, or anything else in the way, move them away. Take note of any cracks or uneven ground that might trip someone who can’t see around the large item they’re carrying.


The Advantages of Hiring Pros

It doesn’t matter if you are moving across town or the country, NDMS is here to help. Reputable professional movers like those at NDMS know how to pack electronic equipment for moving and how to transport large items that are an important part of your move. We also have heavy-duty moving blankets, dollies and hand trucks, special lifting and tie-down straps, furniture sliders, large-width stretch wrap to protect larger items, as well as other resources that can assist with the moving process.

When comparing quotes, remember that NDMS is an award-winning moving company with fifty-five years of experience serving the north Dallas market. Our moving teams go through background checks and special training programs to ensure they have the skills to handle your move with the utmost personalized care it deserves!


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