For most people, moving is both a hassle and an adventure. One of the reasons for this is that there is usually very little time to get everything done that needs to happen before a move. With the right long-distance moving company in Dallas, the move is bound to be more of an adventure.

Anyone who has ever relocated before, especially long-distance, will tell you that there are a million and one things to do, such as packing and loading. Taking care of all the details is exhausting, and it can get even more complicated if you are moving across the country and have a long and tiring drive ahead of you. The best thing to do if you are facing such a scenario is to work with a reputable and experienced full-service, long-distance moving company capable of handling the challenges associated with a big move.

When it comes to transportation services, long-distance movers like North Dallas Moving and Storage (NDMS) are a valuable resource for packing and moving across state lines.  NDMS is the gold standard when it comes to what to look for in a long-distance moving company

For many, undertaking a long-distance relocation is overwhelming and the entire process takes a lot out of them. What anyone in this situation needs is to work with a long-distance relocation moving company that is qualified, licensed to pack goods and possessions, offers excellent customer service, and has affordable rates. 

What to Consider When Hiring a Long-Distance Relocation Company

Don’t be fooled–moving is not easy and there are many moving parts to keep track of  when choosing a moving company to help you relocate. Some of the things to keep in mind when evaluating long-distance relocation services are the company’s total service area, pricing, deposit requirements, reviews, and after-sale services. Here are some of these elements in more detail:


A good long-distance relocation services moving company will have easy-to-use online systems that can effectively provide clients with accurate quotes and terms for its services and packages. A potential client should only have to note their details and requirements for the moving company to be able to provide a quote or call back shortly afterwards to discuss the relevant information before offering a final quote. Information needed can run the gamut from relocation distance, kinds of goods, and specialty services to the number of rooms. All of this information is relevant when determining a price.

Service Area

If you have never hired a relocation moving company, you may be surprised that some firms do not offer transportation services across state lines. As a result, it might be harder to find the long-distance relocation services moving company you need. NDMS is a long-distance mover that provides clients with extensive transportation services, even for those clients who need to go across state lines

Licensing and Insurance

A reputable and reliable long-distance relocation services moving company must have the correct licenses from the U.S. Department of Transportation and other state authorities. There are specific federal and state regulations that such companies must adhere to if they want to stay in operation. NDMS has all the necessary licenses and insurance policies to protect all parties in a move in case of an unfortunate event.

Quality Customer Service

The long-distance relocation moving company you select should have a customer service team available to you through multiple channels such as chat, email, or phone–you should be able to reach someone at the company, even on weekends, in case there is a concern or issue that cannot wait. Even better, some companies allow customers to track their shipments online. Quality customer service is something NDMS truly understands and has spent decades perfecting so its staff is at its best at all times.  

In Summary

Picking the right long-distance relocation services moving company to handle packing, loading, offloading, and unpacking your goods for an interstate move is something you should not take lightly. Having an experienced firm with an outstanding reputation, such as NDMS, helps guarantee a smooth and seamless move.