When it comes to moving your family and belongings across the country, you want only the best. There’s also no shame in wanting to stretch your dollar (or save a few) but low-cost and long-distance moves typically don’t go hand-in-hand without sacrificing quality. Most moving companies in Arlington offer less-expensive options for local moves for families on a budget, but long-distance moves require more planning and care.

If you’re looking for the best state-to-state movers in Arlington, you need to choose a reputable moving company that specializes in long-distance moves. These moves often require storing items, shipping items, and interstate travel. North Dallas Moving and Storage (NDMS) is a leader in the realm of complicated long-distance moves, providing you with the expertise and care your move demands.

Still looking for ways to bring down the cost of your move? No problem–our tips and tricks can help cut out unnecessary upcharges you may encounter without sacrificing quality.


Best Ways to Cut Costs for Your Move

We believe everyone should have access to esteemed, high-quality movers. At NDMS, we background check all of our staff, are licensed and insured, and can accommodate moves to and from more than 137 countries. Our connections and expertise are unmatched by other moving companies in the North Dallas area. While we don’t cut corners, we do have tips that can help bring down the cost of your move.


Date of Move

Weekends, spring, and summer are the most expensive times to move. Spring and summer usually have better weather, so many people move during these seasons to avoid the rain and cold. This can also help protect their belongings from the elements during the moving process and avoid any weather-related damage. Saturdays are the busiest days for movers because most people have the day off already, so it’s convenient for them. 

Most moving companies will offer slightly lower rates for off-dates or off-season moves because they aren’t as busy. If you can, take a day off of work to move and move in the autumn or winter. 


Clean House

Tap into your inner Marie Kondo and take a look at everything in your home. What will you need in your new house? What hasn’t seen the light of day since Christmas five years ago? No matter what season it is, take the time to do some spring cleaning.

By throwing away, donating, or selling items you no longer need, you save on packing and moving. With fewer items to pack and transport, your rates will drop. 


Opt for Flat Rates

How much do movers cost in Arlington? That depends if you are paying by the hour or a flat rate. At NDMS, we know moves have unexpected hiccups and things outside of your control can happen. When you choose a moving company that charges by the hour, you pay for any delays in traffic, mistakes you make, or unexpected issues the movers face. With an hourly rate, you’re going to be charged for any delays. 

NDMS charges a flat rate for every move. The estimate is free and we always provide transparency in our pricing. Don’t sweat it if you get a flat tire on your drive, or if there’s an accident on the highway that’s delayed your move by several hours—it’s all covered under the flat rate.


Moving Forward

The best way to save money is by having an accurate budget. We offer flat rates for all moves because then our customers always know what to expect. You will never be confronted by last-minute charges or unexpected fees. Other ways you can be financially mindful include booking your move for days that are not as busy for your movers and having your items organized (or sold or donated) in advance. If you’re ready for a professional, high-quality move, give NDMS a call for your free quote!