Highland Park, Texas is a beautiful township just north of Dallas. It is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the area, boasting beautifully manicured parks and amazing restaurants and shopping. Most families moving to Highland Park are staking their claim into their forever home. The schools nearby are highly rated and it has extremely low crime rates. But, what does it take to actually move to Highland Park?

How much do you need to budget to move out of Highland Park? Highland Park has a higher cost of living than the average U.S. city–almost 107% the national average! With a population that averages a median income of around $211,000, these residents typically require specialty moving services. When planning your move to Highland Park, you will want to know exactly how much this move will cost. Knowing your budget and ensuring its accuracy will help you know how to save and prepare.

Working with a moving company in Highland Park, Texas will help you budget your moving costs accurately. Relocating can be expensive–even more so if you don’t plan ahead. Many people struggle to know how to save up to move in Highland Park. By working with a moving company familiar to the area you’re relocating to, you can create an accurate and individualized budget. Companies like North Dallas Moving and Storage work daily with clients like you moving in and out of the Dallas area and are ready to help you understand the costs of moving there!

What Items Require Specialty Moving?

Most residents moving in and out of Highland Park require specialty moving services. Specialty moving is required for items with large dimensions, high value, or items that require unusual care or handling instructions. These are items you must anticipate needing specialty packing and transportation in order to maintain their safety and integrity. 

Some examples are:

  • Large flat screen TVs
  • Pianos
  • Pool Tables
  • Automobiles
  • Boats and other water sport equipment
  • Liquor or fine wine collections
  • Fine art or delicate china
  • Antiques and grandfather clocks

There may be items that require specialty moving services that aren’t listed above. Unsure if your item requires specialty moving services? Connect with a moving and storage representative to check what is necessary and possible for your valuables.

How Can I Cut Costs Without Sacrificing Quality Services?

Nobody wants to risk the integrity of their valuables, but nobody can resist a good deal. Remember that choosing a reputable moving company in Highland Park is an investment, which can save you money in and of itself. 

When working with a reputable moving company, your move is insured. If you cut corners by having friends or amateurs help you move, you risk items being broken or mishandled and you end up footing that bill. 

Examine your appliances. If they are old and will need repairs or replacing in the next few years, consider selling them before your move. It will not be worth it to pay specialty shipping and moving costs, and you may be able to cut a deal with your realtor for selling your appliances to the new homeowners.

Scheduling your move for a weekday can cut down on costs. Weekends are the most in-demand days for movers–spending one day of PTO for your move can often cut costs dramatically. 

Relocating to Highland Park is an expensive investment, but it doesn’t have to be. By working with expert movers, you can ensure your move will stick to a consistent, planned out budget with no surprises. Book a consultation with North Dallas Moving and Storage today for a budget-friendly, high-quality moving experience!