Moving is commonly considered to be one of the most stressful times anyone can experience. Nerves can take hold and make what should be a simple day into one consumed by anxiety.

The reality is that  moving doesn’t have to be stressful. Those nerves have built up along the way, but with proper planning, it can go without a hitch. In our experience of moving people within the state of Texas, everything goes according to plan and you will find yourself safe and sound in your new location in no time.


What About Office Moves in Arlington?

We know that there is more to moving than meets the eye, and this can especially be the case if you are planning an office move. Office moves require that everything goes according to plan, right up to the final detail. 

In residential moves, if an item finds itself in the wrong box or hasn’t arrived yet, you may have to wait for it to be shipped or purchase a new item at your earliest convenience. Offices on the other hand, must be moved with equipment ready for operation immediately to prevent delays or unsafe working conditions. 

At North Dallas Moving and Storage (NDMS), we pride ourselves on being one of the expert moving companies in Arlington, Texas and we are not just home movers and packers in Arlington. We provide all-in-one moving accommodations and services, so that there is zero disruption and your office is up and running again in no time.


Here are our recommendations for a stress-free, commercial moving experience:

Pack with Purpose

Packing your work space is one of the largest undertakings when preparing for a commercial move. The first step is making sure you have the supplies you need. Order packing boxes and material such as tape, foam, sticky tabs and pens. Make a plan to ensure you know what is going in each box, and where it will be located at your final destination. Pack the boxes carefully and ensure that any breakable items have enough padding to stay safe during transit.

Make sure this process is carried out before the movers arrive to minimize delays on the day. Don’t have the time or the manpower to pack yourself? NDMS offers packing services to streamline the entire process.


Inform Everyone

Inform the office staff well in advance of the moving date and plan for the move with their workload in mind. Let them know when they need to have their own personal items packed and moved from the work space. Employees need to know when they need to wrap up certain tasks or projects before the date of the move.


Delegate Someone to Oversee the Move 

On the day of the move, we suggest having a point-person in place who can make sure the move goes smoothly by working with the movers and office staff to confirm everything is correctly packed and transported safely. Having an inventory checklist will be helpful. We recommend preparing thoroughly for this so as to avoid confusion or delays on the day of the move.


The Move Ahead

Your office move will be simple and straightforward if you take the time to plan and prepare. When the day comes, there should be nothing to worry about whatsoever except making sure your employees feel settled in. Whether it’s best state-to-state movers in Arlington or simply a local move you need, let us take care of your office removal needs. Contact us to start your free moving estimate today!