The holiday season means a warm, peaceful home, filled with family, friends, food and presents to most people. It doesn’t mean a home full of packing boxes and empty cupboards. However, sometimes you don’t have a choice about when to move.

Tips for a Successful Holiday Move

If you are planning a residential move during the holiday season, take extra measures to reduce your stress and make the move a joyous journey toward a new beginning. Consider these tips to add some holiday cheer to your move.

Find a Holiday Moving Company
Whether you will need a long distance moving company or local mover, hire a reliable certified ProMover as early as possible. ProMover is the American Moving and Storage Association’s consumer protection and certification program designed to help consumers identify quality, professional movers. By only hiring residential movers with the AMSA certification, you can avoid becoming the victim of a moving scam. Keep in mind that some movers prefer not to make long distance moves during the holidays; many others are short of staff.

Prioritizing your packing
If you are moving right before Christmas, put extra thought into packing. When combining the busy holiday season with a move, you may prefer to only unpack necessary household items in your new home until after the holidays pass. If that is a possibility, pack and label those items separately from ones you won’t likely need until after the holidays. Keep holiday decorations and gift wrapping materials in boxes separate from your household items. If you already started shopping for gifts, keep those separate, too, along with your decorations and wrapping materials.

Put up decorations that can move with you.
You don’t want to spend the holiday season without any Christmas decorations, but neither do you want your holiday move complicated by an elaborate tree and other things that will need to be unpacked and repacked at the last minute. Instead, find a few favorite holiday decorations and put those out. A holiday wreath for the door or a small tree can also be moved easily from one home to the next and will help your new home feel special from that very first day.

Holiday Relocation with Kids
If you have young children, put together a box of age-appropriate holiday coloring books, puzzles and other activities to keep them occupied. Also make sure they understand that Santa will find them in their new home. They may be worried, yet not mention it.

Share all of your contact information
Christmas time is not a time you want to be out of reach to family and friends. Make sure that those people who are important to you know where you’re going to be and how to contact you throughout the moving process.

Moving mid-holiday
For those families that must move right in the middle of the holidays, try leaving your living room or family room decorated, so that it still feels like home. Wait to pack up that room until the day before you move. That way when you arrive in your new house you can immediately put up your Christmas decorations and tree. Even if your house has boxes and is messy and unorganized, unpack your living room and make it warm, inviting and festive.

The holidays are a time for family and friends — make room for them in your life as you prepare to move. Don’t get so lost in the details of your move that you forget what this festive time is all about!

Planning a Holiday Move with North Dallas Moving and Storage
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