Moving takes a lot of work, whether you’re relocating away from Dallas or just transferring to the next neighborhood in Plano. It requires plenty of planning and tons of physical effort; it can also cost you a lot, too. But the task can be made easier—and more affordable—when you hire the right Plano moving service. When you hire the best Plano local moving company, like North Dallas Moving and Storage (NDMS), you can have a more enjoyable and stress-free experience because you can trust that it’s going to provide you with the most efficient service at a fair price.


What Does a Local Moving Company Do?

A local moving company will assist you in everything related to your move—often even taking care of everything related to it altogether. Here are some of the services you can expect:

Disassembly and Packing

Packing up your stuff is the most time-consuming and exacting task when moving–your movers will help take most of the burden off your shoulders. They’ll do everything from supplying you with all the necessary materials you’ll need to pack up your stuff like boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, furniture blankets, padding, etc. to disassembling your furniture and placing everything safely into moving containers.

Loading and Unloading

After packing up your home, movers will load everything onto a truck, doing all of the heavy lifting. When you get to your new place, they can unload all your belongings, as well.


Movers will take responsibility for transporting your things to the new place. You’ll get a delivery window for when your belongings will arrive, so all you have to do is make sure that you’re there to accept everything when it does.


In the same way that they put everything into boxes, movers will always unpack everything into your new home as you instruct them to—they may even assemble your large furniture for you if that’s included in the service you choose.

Clean Up and Disposal

Moving generates a lot of recyclable materials (such as boxes) and waste that needs to be disposed of properly. Your moving company can take care of everything, leaving you to enjoy your new abode without having to worry about how you’re going to deal with all the extra things that came with the relocation.

What to Look For in a Local Moving Company

A good moving company will have quality service and supervision, trustworthy staff, and fair pricing. Let’s break down some of the characteristics to look for in a Dallas movers (Plano) service:

Quality Service and Supervision

Relocating involves a lot of moving parts and you want to find a local moving company that can promise not just great service, but quality supervision to come with it so that you can be sure that everything runs smoothly and safely. NDMS’ professional drivers drive their own trucks and manage a hand-picked team of movers to guarantee a problem-free move.

Trustworthy Movers

When you move with a local moving company, you entrust your belongings, which may include several valuable items, to it. So, you want to hire a service with trustworthy employees. NDMS conducts thorough background checks on its staff, puts them through special training, and chooses the best ones to employ for every move.

Transparent Pricing

Your moving bills can add up when there are hidden costs that balloon without your knowledge. Seek a moving company with transparent pricing or one that writes you a quote with an upfront, all-inclusive price so you know exactly what you’re paying. Luckily, NDMS does both.

Licenses and Insurance

A local moving company with the necessary licenses and insurance, such as NDMS, can give you extra peace of mind that the job will be done responsibly.


The more experience a local moving company has, the better it’ll be at handling the move. You can rest assured that your things will be packed, loaded, and transported properly and that there will be zero mishaps during the entire process. NDMS has more than fifty years of experience helping families and businesses move both locally and long-distance.

Choose NDMS as Your Local Moving Company

NDMS is one of the best local moving companies in the Dallas area–our team of professional and experienced movers can help you move to or from Plano with ease. You can leave everything related to moving to us so you can just focus on getting comfortable in your new home. Contact NDMS now to start moving!


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