When preparing to move to a new home, things tend to feel a bit chaotic. The floor becomes littered with brown boxes, you have to organize and declutter your possessions, and your appliances need to be disconnected. There’s one bulky, cumbersome kitchen appliance that can be painstaking to move if not done correctly: the refrigerator

The endeavor should be done with care, as the last thing you want to do is damage such a costly and important part of your home (or suffer the financial burden of repairing or replacing your fridge). Here’s everything you need to know to make your transition a seamless one. 


How to Prepare Your Refrigerator for Moving 

Empty All Contents in the Refrigerator 

Stated by movers, a week before your scheduled moving day, begin emptying all the contents inside your fridge. Keep in mind that you’ll want to remove any objects on the outside, such as photos or magnets. By prepping your fridge ahead of time, you can strategically plan your meals, allowing you to eat most, if not all, of your perishable foods. Grocery expenses can add up quickly, and your piggy bank will be thankful that you were mindful of waste and consumed the majority of your purchases. 

Remove All Detachable Shelves 

Any components that are removable, such as shelves, trays, or other detachable items should be taken out of your fridge. To keep these goods protected, use bubble wrap or thick blankets/towels and carefully wrap, secure, and label each item before packing them into boxes. 

Defrost and Deep Clean Your Refrigerator

Your freezer will need time to defrost before the move, especially if there’s a lot of buildup present. The de-thawing process typically requires between six and eight hours, so be sure to set aside time in advance. It’s recommended that you defrost your freezer overnight and perform a deep clean in the morning. 

As the temperature inside your refrigerator rises, it’ll become an ideal breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Because of this, you’ll want to thoroughly clean all the interior and exterior surfaces of your fridge. By doing a meticulous wipe down, you’ll ensure the fridge remains odor-free during the move and is immediately ready for use as you settle into your new home. 

Switch off Your Refrigerator

When disconnecting your fridge, always consult the owner’s manual – especially if it contains a water filter and ice maker – to ensure everything is done properly. Once your refrigerator is unplugged, tightly wind the power cord and secure it to the back of the fridge. Make sure to firmly fasten the cord to ensure the bundle remains in place while in transit.  

Secure and Prepare Your Refrigerator for the Move

To protect your refrigerator, secure the fridge and freezer doors to avoid any unwanted damages during the move. If there are any loose items, you’ll want to secure those ahead of time as well to prevent denting and scratches. 


How To Pack A Refrigerator For Moving


The Best Way to Move Your Fridge on Moving Day

Get Someone to Help Move the Fridge 

To safeguard yourself from injuries and protect the fridge from damage, your safest bet is to ask a friend or family member to lend a helping hand. 

Carefully Load and Move the Fridge into the Van

Depending on the type of property you’re moving out of, you have two options: you can either move the fridge by dolly or by lifting. In both cases, it’s vital to keep your fridge in an upright position to protect it from damages. The best way to slide the dolly underneath the fridge is to have your partner tip the unit a few degrees. Minimize the tilting as much as possible to ensure the compressor oil doesn’t seep into the fridge’s cooling tubes – so, it should go without saying that you should never lay the refrigerator down. Once on the dolly, use bungees or moving straps to securely fasten the unit to the dolly.  

As you move forward, have your partner guide you from the other side to prevent colliding with any obstacles. Move as slowly and carefully as possible. If you have to transport your fridge by lifting, you’ll want to use moving straps to aid in the process – otherwise, the weight of the unit will be resting on your fingertips. Moving straps ensure you’re able to navigate stairs, around corners, and onto the vehicle without difficulty (or the possibility of exposing yourself to injury). 

Secure and Transport the Fridge

During transport, for maximal support, secure the fridge against the interior corner of your truck. This will prevent the unit from shifting in two directions. Be mindful of how you’re driving. Sudden braking, sharp turns, speedbumps, or roundabouts can all cause damage to the fridge if you’re not driving as carefully as possible. 


How to Reinstall a Refrigerator into Your New Home

Secure and Move Your Fridge

Once you’ve arrived at your new home, simply follow the above steps in reverse order, exercising care and consideration as you transport your fridge. 

Place Your Fridge in Its New Location moving fridge to new house

When positioning your refrigerator in its new location, leave a small gap between the wall and the back of the fridge. This will provide the room needed for your fridge to expel warm air and replace it with cool air. Without this space, your fridge could start producing compressor noise. 

Settle the Fridge

Wait several hours before plugging the unit back into a power source. Allow about an hour or so for the fridge to cool before placing food back inside. 


Moving Your Fridge, The Right Way

Moving your refrigerator is much different from transporting some of your other kitchen appliances, like a toaster or blender. It requires focused attention and care. By planning to address your fridge ahead of your move date, you’ll ensure everything is organized and carried out correctly. You also may want to consider hiring a moving company if you’d like to lessen the burden of transitioning your refrigerator to the new property.

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