Have you ever heard of the seven-year itch? It refers to the typical seven-year timeline for when people get antsy enough to make a move. And, itch or not, there may be signs that indicate moving to a new home or location might be in your best interest to stay happy and fulfilled. 

But how do you know when it’s time for you to move? Let’s help you figure that out with some simple tips.


You’re Feeling Crammed

As you get older, it’s normal to gather more things. After moving in with a significant other, getting a pet, or having a few kids, your once-perfectly-tidy home can quickly start to feel rather tight. 

Getting rid of some non-essential items can help with this since decluttering makes a space feel larger and more organized, but there are times when you can’t deny that you’ve outgrown your old digs and need a bigger place.


It’s Time for an Upgrade

You’ve started at the bottom and now you’re here. It’s not just a song, it’s your life, and you should be proud of it! It’s a natural progression to want nicer things as you get older—and your wallet grows thicker. Renovations may be an option for you, but that’s not always the most cost-effective way to make upgrades. In those cases, a full-fledged move could be your answer.


You’re an Empty Nester

Just as you can feel cramped in your space, it’s also normal to feel like it’s too empty when the people who once ran around your kitchen are no longer there. When the kids go off to college or move out and start their own lives, the home that you built with them can feel lonely and lacking, not to mention too big. When you start to have these feelings, it might be more practical to look for a smaller place, whether that’s an apartment or a smaller house.


The City is Starting to Feel Like Too Much for You

This tends to go hand-in-hand with couples who are starting a family and want to raise them in a calmer neighborhood. Or maybe you’ve gotten older, and the fast-paced, young downtown vibe is no longer your scene. If your home and location aren’t bringing you joy, you could be wasting time that could otherwise be spent making great new memories somewhere else.


how to know when to move

Better School Systems and Neighborhood Safety for the Family

The world starts to look pretty different when you have kids. You want them to be safe, feel secure, and have the best education around. Plus, as a young couple or parent, you probably didn’t think much about school systems—but for new parents, it becomes a heavy consideration.

If you feel like your child won’t get the kind of education you want for them at the area schools, it’s a good time to move in search of greener pastures.


You Want to Be Close to Family

Do you find yourself booking multiple plane tickets a year or making a road trip once a month to see your family? If so, it might be time to move. You’ll save gas, time, and money in the long run this way. 

This can also be the case if you are expecting or have kids and you want them to know their grandparents well. Not to mention the added bonus of having a trusted babysitter when needed! Never get homesick again—and know you’re maintaining your best relationships with less effort.


Good Job Opportunities Are Lacking—or the Economy Is Tanking

Sometimes it’s as simple as this—you have to move where the money is. If you’re unable to find a job in the city you currently live in, interviewing and planning a move to another city can be a great option for you. Professional success and happiness often go together.


Move When It Feels Right

Some things will really just come down to a gut feeling more than a calculated strategy. It’s your life, so don’t be afraid to do what seems best for you and your family. Even if it’s challenging in the beginning, you’ll thank yourself after the dust settles and you find you’re better off—and that there was nothing to be nervous about. 

In the end, figuring out the right time to move can be a difficult and personal choice, but by considering the discussed factors, you’re well on your way. Make a pros and cons list if you’re having trouble deciding what you should do. Think on it carefully, give yourself some time, and you’ll soon have a solid answer—or, just take a leap of faith to do what feels right!

And if you’re concerned about how hard a move might be, there are always ways to find help and make the process smooth. Finding a moving company can help—reach out if you’d like to speak to a specialist, and we’ll show you how easy it can be!