More people than ever before are moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and for good reason. This expansive metropolis is home to growing companies with lots of high-paying jobs, excellent attractions and recreational activities, and relatively affordable home prices compared to other big cities in the country.

While the Dallas-Fort Worth area has lots of decent places to live, Arlington is widely considered to be one of the better locales. That’s because Arlington is ideally located, with a mix of residential neighborhoods and downtown squares perfect for young professionals or college students who want energizing social experiences.

Let’s take a look at some of the best neighborhoods in Arlington, Texas, so you know where to focus your home or apartment hunt.



Downtown Arlington

Downtown Arlington is the place to be for millions of people who live around the Dallas-Fort Worth area. No matter what you want to do or your preferred form of recreation, you’ll find quality restaurants (with delicious Texas bites), bars, nightlife events, theaters, and much more. Some of the best things to do in downtown Arlington include:

  • Checking out the Arlington Music Hall
  • Visiting the Arlington Museum of Art
  • Visiting the George W. Hawkes Downtown Library

But downtown Arlington isn’t just a center for fun. It’s also a business hub, with many places of employment within driving distance of some of Arlington’s best neighborhoods. Speaking of neighborhoods, you’ll find luxury condos, modern apartments, and everything in between here.

While it’s not the cheapest area to live in, it’s also not exorbitantly expensive. Average homes cost about $245,000 and the median rent price hovers around $1,000 per month. Many of the neighborhoods are perfect for individuals or families, depending on what you need. 



Maybe you’d like something a little pricier but with added benefits, like top-tier schools and a lower-than-average crime rate. If that sounds good to you, you might consider moving to Viridian.

Just 10 minutes away from the amenities and recreational activities of downtown Arlington, Viridian offers a distinctly relaxing and calming environment much more suitable for families or older folks.

Here, you’ll find gorgeous colonial and Victorian-style homes set next to modern apartments: a perfect mix to display the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s appeal to both old-fashioned and forward-thinking people. Median home prices are approximately $425,000, while you’ll pay a bit more in rent here compared to downtown Arlington at $3,800 a month.

Regardless, Viridian still has plenty of cool places to visit and things to do, including a few water parks as well as both Legoland Discovery and Six Flags Over Texas.




Some moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth area want smaller, homely neighborhoods with more affordable home prices. Sound like what you need?

In that case, consider moving to Pantego. This is a top-tier neighborhood if you’re a first-time homebuyer since the median home price is reasonable (without being so low that you wonder what you’re really getting). The average home costs $435,000 and rent is about $1,400 a month on average should you choose to rent instead.

This comfortable neighborhood offers a variety of housing accommodations, like condos, townhomes, and single-family homes. On top of that, Pantego provides quick access to a wide variety of activities and sites to see, such as Beaumont Ranch, kayaking adventures from the Trinity River Kayak Company, and charming shops of all kinds.

However, most of these activities are outdoor-oriented; therefore, if you are more interested in city life and activities, another neighborhood is probably a better choice.



Southeast Arlington

Want the convenience and amenities of downtown Arlington without the hustle and bustle? Southeast Arlington could be right up your alley.

This neighborhood is just eight minutes away from all the main downtown attractions. More importantly, most of the homes were built prior to 2000; that means they are a little cheaper than average.

Indeed, average homes in Southeast Arlington cost about $330,000 and rent prices are about $1,250 a month. No matter where you choose to stay, you’ll find a diverse, vibrant community of young professionals, college students, families, and more. This necessarily impacts the other elements of this Arlington neighborhood; for example, you can find lots of region-specific restaurants, such as Indian, Moroccan, or Thai places to grab delish bites.

You might also consider Southeast Arlington for its proximity to three major parks. So it’s a perfect choice if you have a dog or enjoy taking frequent strolls in nature.



Dalworth Gardens

Last but not least is Dalworth Gardens. Generally considered to be the smallest neighborhood in Arlington, it is a somewhat exclusive community with under 2,000 people at any one time.

There are benefits to this tight knit area’s nature, however. Dalworth Gardens benefits from a very low crime rate and plenty of recreational activities at the local Gardens Park and Pappy Elkins Park. With median home prices averaging around $699,900, buying is a bit tougher here than elsewhere. But many movers might be able to find an affordable apartment to rent in Dalworth Gardens instead, with median rent prices hovering closer to $1,156.

All of that said, consider whether you want to be a part of a smaller community or if you’d rather be in the heart of the action. If you’re more interested in being just a few minutes away from major events or from the local nightlife, downtown Arlington or one of the other neighborhoods could be more your speed.



Pick the Best Neighborhood for You

Ultimately, any or all of these Arlington neighborhoods could be a great pick for you and your family. Consider your overall budget, what you prioritize, and the kind of atmosphere you want to enjoy before moving and you’ll be sure to pick the right neighborhood for your needs.

But the adventure doesn’t stop after you move. Check out this list of super fun things to do in Arlington after you’ve unpacked the last boxes!