Even though Grand Prairie is fairly close to Dallas, having a smooth moving process requires a bit of effort. Regardless of the distance, the best tips you can follow for moving are to get organized, make a plan, and hire a reputable moving company. 

It takes less than a half hour for movers in Grand Prairie to get to Dallas, Texas once the truck is securely packed. Here’s how you can keep the process simple and stress-free:



Hiring the Right Moving Company

Many folks wisely choose to forgo moving on their own in favor of full-service moving companies, especially when they are moving large homes with multiple rooms full of furniture. To be safe, it’s best to start planning a move about a month before you want to leave. 

Allocate a little more time if you’re wondering how long it takes to move out of state from Grand Prairie, Texas. Get an estimate upfront that spells out how much the move will cost so you can plan your moving budget with reliable and realistic rates.

No matter how close your new home is to your existing one, it’s best to work with a moving company like North Dallas Moving and Storage (NDMS). We are dedicated professionals who put a lot of care into packing, transporting, and delivering your belongings safely and securely. Get a detailed plan and timeline for your move so you know what to expect and plan your next steps accordingly.

Moving to Dallas might mean you’re downsizing. If you choose to combine your move with storage options, NDMS offers both. Before or after your move, your items that are allocated for storage will be securely transported to our state-of-the-art facility. When you’re ready to have them back, we’ll deliver them straight to your home.


Creating a To-Do List

Keeping a list of things you need to accomplish before, during, and after your move can help you stay on top of what can sometimes be a chaotic time. This list can include:

  • Notifying landlords and service providers of your move-out (avoid unexpected charges by closing your accounts on time and reviewing any contracts to determine if you have to give notice within a certain amount of days)
  • Setting aside time to set up new utilities at your next home
  • Filling out new school registrations, changes of address, and mail forwarding instructions and forms
  • Completing any outstanding fixes or updates to your current home
  • Securing a cleaning service, if desired


Staying on top of your pre-move tasks will help keep the operation running smoothly. You can create additional lists for tracking expenses, too. One bonus of moving locally is that you won’t need to make too many accommodations for your perishables on the day of your move.


Packing Up

If you choose a full-service moving option, expert packing can be included. This can save time and relieve the stress of getting it done on your own. Of course, if you prefer to pack some or all of your items, you can do so. Regardless, before you start packing, this is a great time to sell, donate, or throw away unwanted items. 

Moving is always a good opportunity to give your home a good purge, so take an inventory of your home and start getting rid of stuff. This keeps you from spending more time on items that aren’t necessary to pack up, so you bring less unnecessary clutter into your new space. Be sure to give yourself enough time to arrange for buyers to pick up the items. NDMS also offers debris removal for whatever is left behind.


Moving Day

Getting from Grand Prairie to Dallas, Texas should be straightforward on the day of your move. You should arrange to arrive before your truck does. Because Dallas is a bustling city, it may be helpful for you to assess the access points and street parking rules of the property you are moving into ahead of time. This way, your moving team has everything they need to complete the move successfully. 

Our dedicated team of moving professionals can provide you with a quote for your move that contains no hidden expenses. Our commitment to quality service extends from helping you plan your move all the way through packing and delivering. This is what makes NDMS a preferred moving company!


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